If it is not my fault, then whose is it?

If it is not my fault, then whose is it?

You have all heard of the story of Adam and Eve, but here is a new angle.

God had created the Garden of Eden and then created Adam and Eve. He told him, you can eat of the garden any plant or animal, it is there for your needs. But;

There is always a but; Do not eat from a certain tree, the tree of life, which is also the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the Garden, the rest of the garden is for your pleasure and needs.

Eve is wandering around the garden and passes by the tree that God said that they should not eat from. Lying beneath the tree is a serpent, who on seeing Eve said, “why not try the fruit from this tree, it’s very good,” Eve replies, “ I can’t, Adam said that God forbids us to eat from that tree. But the serpent said, “Who is to know? There is only you and me here.”

So Eve is tempted, and is a bit curious as to why Adam said not to eat of that tree. So she takes a bite out of the fruit. The fruit tastes so wonderful, that she runs of with a sample of the fruit for Adam to taste. Adam takes the fruit from Eve, and asks her from where did she pick the fruit. Eve said, “it’s from the tree that you said not to eat from, but I have tried it and it tastes wonderful, do try a bit.”

So Adam does so, after all Eve said that it was good, also he was a bit curious as to why God had forbidden them to eat from that particular tree.

After tasting the fruit, which was indeed wonderful as Eve said. They were both made aware that they were naked. They also became aware of what was good and what was bad. How to see the difference would only come after much hardship and experience.

Then Adam and Eve heard the sound of God moving in the garden and they both hid themselves. But God called out to them and said where are you both. They replied, we could not come see you because we are both naked and ashamed.

God said to Adam have you eaten from the tree that I told you not to eat from? Adam said. “Yes, but it’s not my fault, Eve gave me the fruit and told me to eat it”. To which Eve replied, “Yes, but its not my fault, the serpent tempted be and told me that the fruit was good to eat.”

And God said to the serpent, “is that true?” The serpent replied, “Yes, but you created me and it is my nature to be deceitful. So it is all your fault?”

So God said to Adam and Eve, I made one rule and one rule only. ‘You were not to eat from that tree’. You could eat anything else in the garden, but you both disobeyed me. So I shall banish from the garden and you will live your lives in hardship and will know pain, thirst and hunger.

As for you serpent, I shall banish you from the garden, and you will spend your days hated by man. But you will also take many disguises and continue to tempt and prey on mankind. Only in that way will mankind understand the difference between good and bad. They will only learn the difference, by much hardship and pain.

Mankind is still learning today, and suffering many hardships due to not knowing the difference between good and evil and not seeing the serpents many temptations. And still blaming God for our actions and the decisions we make.



Prophet Adam and Hawwa (as) would always end up on earth.

They were created to eventually come to earth.

Most people probably already know the theological differences between the Christian and Muslim narrative of this story (we don't believe in Original Sin), but I find a different aspect fascinating.

This is not the only occasion but whenever the Shaytaan has been called to account for his actions - he has always made excuses, blamed God.

When in the Qur'an he and the angels were commanded to prostrate before the newly created prophet Adam (as), after he failed to follow the command, he was given an opportunity. Instead of accepting blame, he blamed God.

Here even in the Christian narrative of Original Sin he does it again.

It is our belief that that action is the one that has condemned him for eternity - until the end of time Shaytan has the option of seeking forgiveness and prostrating himself before (the burrial place of) Prophet Adam (as) and accepting fault. But he will never do so.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.