EU Referendum

Referendum to either remain or leave the EU

We have just had a referendum to either remain or leave the EU, this as divided the UK, by regions, ages and classes, not to mention the political establishment.

The vote was close 48.1% to stay 51.9% to leave. A majority of about 8% majority to leave.

David Cameron as resigned, leaving the Conservative Party to pick a new leader and hopefully get their act together before debating with Brussels on our exit terms.

The Labour Party [elite] is playing the blame game and blaming Jeremy Corbyn. Seeking a vote of no confidence and to have a new leader more acceptable to who, the elites, or the people?

SNP in Scotland are making noises for a referendum to leave the UK and join the EU

The EU Presidents, Commissioners [of the six founding members states] are pressurising Britain to formally start the proceedings to leave the EU. Article 50

But it is up to the British Parliament to implement Article 50 and start formal leaving negotiations [a two-year time limit applies to complete these negotiations] but it is up to the British Parliament to decide, when or if, to implement article 50.

Yes we have had a referendum, but we are a Parliamentary Democracy [some say Parliamentary Dictatorship] so Parliament could ignore the results [could cause unrest] or offer a solution.

This solution as come from an on line petition for a second referendum.

This currently as almost Three million signatures, so Parliament should debate the petition. It could just be a face saving exercise to allow Parliament to call a second referendum. If it was also to site the fact that the majority of under 30’s where in favour of staying. They could even adopt the Scottish Policy of allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote in a fresh referendum.

This could be put to the EU member states [we don’t need their permission] but a] it would get the six original states back in their box. And b] If we do remain after a second referendum we could really bring some pressure on the un-elected Commissioners and to try to create a more open and democratic EU.

Maybe for a start have the EU’s books audited [this as not been done period] why not?


I dont think we should have a re-run of the referendum.

The only sensible choice if we want to give the electorate another bite at the cherry is to negotiate in good faith with the EU, come up with the best alternative deal and then put that to the electorate.

On the new referendum, have 3 options:

  1. New Deal
  2. Reject new deal and main in EU
  3. Reject new deal and also leave the EU

That will both respect the mandate from the current referendum and also give the electorate a chance to reconsider.

I suspect that in a few months people might be interesting in reconsidering when costs of importing start to bite – it is expected for the value of the £  against the €  and the $ ratio to drop further.

One of the first things that will rise (unless you are off abroad for business or holiday) is for the cost of fuel, followed by other imported goods later in the ear or next year when any products in UK storage dwindle.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

It certainly as been a busy week for politics.

Labour is in total disarray, had the no confidence vote against Corbin. Now appear not to have a candidate willing to stand against Corbin if he does not step down. No one willing to go head to head against Corbin?

Conservatives appear to be faring no better, plus Boris as thrown his hand in regarding the PM’s job. Is not politics a dirty business.

So we have a country that as lost its leadership and appears to be heading for the iceberg EU with no real plan of what to do. Yet after the initial fall in the financial markets things have picked up [apart from the £ against the $] and the FTSE is now @ 6500 on 30/06/16 from its low of 5980 on the 27/06/16.

Yes the £ is down against the Euro and US$, but it as been falling for the past 12 months.

I dont think we should have a re-run of the referendum.

You are probably right, plus I don’t think there will be a snap election. It would only benefit UKIP and had fuel to the fire. As for the other points;

On the new referendum, have 3 options:

1.New Deal

2.Reject new deal and main in EU

3.Reject new deal and also leave the EU

1] The EU appear to have closed ranks and have accepted we are leaving. As for the new deal it appears to be all previous deals are off the table. Plus no negotiations till we formally serve our notice to leave. Article 50.

2] Yes we could just accept the status quo, and refuse to serve article 50. But could things go back as they were? The EU leadership, especially France, appear to be glad to see the back of us.

3] Serve article 50 and see what happens, Multinational companies will still want to trade. The UK as a fairly compliant labour force, compared to France. What will other EU countries do who are beginning to find life in the EU hard?

As you say the price of imported goods will rise, then again our exports will be cheaper. So the difference in our balance of payments may improve. Plus people may resort to buying British products.

Just for Info; The EU had agreed that in October 2015 that all decisions would by a majority vote [the right to veto may be removed] to be fully implemented by end of 2017.

So we appear to be down to two options,

1] Don’t serve our notice to leave [article 50] and see what happens.

2] Serve [article 50] and see what we can get out of the EU, bearing in mind a] they have shown that they have never liked the UK being in the EU. Or b] The EU wants to send a clear message to other EU states that may be thinking of following Britains lead.

Not to mention we have the Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump show in November.