Stamps, their sizes and their envelopes. I'm ouzzled.

Phew, I had thought that everything that i had written had disappeared but clicking the back button retrieved it all. Happy days. *Control-V*

Once upon a time if you wanted to send something within your own reach to the reach of another fellow human being you would have to use your legs to go there or you would send a letter addressed in their name. But life become a little easier and more convinient and people become more cleverer and lazier and so, the telephone came about in the 1870s. So this new invention was wonderful.

But people became even more cleverer or maybe they just began to use their brain a little more and soon enough text messaging was available which was very useful for all those telephone shy beings who didn't want their voice and didn't want their tone of voice to be heard. People could reply whenever they wished and weren't forced to give instant replies.

Then in the 1950s came the internet. Now, this was a discovery that i am very thankful for and now, if you wanted to share something with someone else, you would be able to, regardless of its length and number of words and I use it almost every day of my life because a) People live too far b) Using letters takes a bit too long and stamps and envelopes must be bought c) Using a house phone is okay, but not everyone is at home d) I don't have my own mobile, so that's a bit odd for a person of my age.

BUT THIS BLOG WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT ALL THIS HISTORY AND ALL THESE METHODS OF COMMUNICATION, sigh. It was supposed to be a cry for help and understanding of how stamps work and what size to use and when and what size envelope and what is the maximum weight of the envelope and must you get your scale out and measure its weight and must you get your ruler out and measure its width?

I'm just so ouzzled and i can't get my head around it. I usually use second class stamps for everything. For my small envelopes and for the A4 sized ones too. Unless I have a fear that if i don't stick two 2nd class stamps on my big A4 envelope that the man at the Royal Mail will not send my letter off so i stick two on just to be sure.

Yesterday I was sending three Issue 20 magazines out to people on the other side of Birmingham or shall i say outskirts of Birmingham and with one of the envelopes I had put in two magazines. I'd put all three near the front of the house. Mum must've had a look and thought, they're TOO heavy and it won't get sent off. I didn't understand whyyyyyy so i said shall i put two stamps? And she told me it's too heavy and that the stamps need to add up to the unknown amount that needs to be paid.

I asked her what would happen if the stamp doesn't equate to the contents of the magazine and she said well, they'll get a little note saying that they need to pick up an envelope and will have to pay on your behalf. She was in my room when she came to tell me so I jumped out of bed, cause i was having a little rest and decided that i'll put my door number, followed by a comma, followed by my postcode if they decide they want to send it back to the sender. Do such things actually happen or are they nice enough to let you off?

Now somebody please explain how many stamps you need and for what sized envelopes and why this is just so complex and why i can't comprehend this and who is supposed to teach you such information anyway? How are you supposed to know all this?


Please excuse my repetitive use of 'and' and my disjointed sentences. I woke up really late for some reason today, two hours later than usual and I still don't feel very awake. 


It's a bit of use though i would never spend my time trying to weigh an envelope nor try to figure out its width. That page says nothing about what stamp you need to use and how many. Does anybody else know such important information?


go to a post office, pray you get a nice postoffice person to talk to. they'll help you figure this all out. i once sent a letter to  penpal in australia and it has looooaaads of rnadom stuff in it like a packet of sweet. lol. ended up paying a fiver or so.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

One post office got closed down and the other is about a 15 minute walk away. Ofcourse if i had a massive parcel i'd go there and not try to shove it into the red letter box at the top of my street lol.

I think its a silly idea to need to go to the post office all the time and if you went there, they wouldn't give you a stamp, they'd weigh it and make you pay accordingly. But thats what i don't have time for.

I just need to know what to use on a daily basis. For all small envelopes, one stamp is fine, but for big A4 ones what am i supposed to use? What is the correct stamp to use? Sigh, never mind. I'll just use gut instinct. Use one if it's thin papers and if it looks think, i'll use two maybe.