Face blindness: Seeing but not seeing

I came across this idea of seeing but not actually seeing whilst I was spending some time on the net and I think it's absolutely fascinating. The more technical term is PROSPAGNOSIA. Once you've got the hang of pronouncing that correctly, I shall continue.

Basically, it's when you have an impairment that doesn't allow you to recognise faces. Being forgetful after seeing someone, several years down the line isn't what I'm talking about.

Research was carried out and it was found that people with this condition can see the eyes, the nose, and the mouth, what is known as the context - but they cannot see a person as a whole. They do not recognise gestures nor emotions.

For a second, think about how you'd react if your father, sister or child couldn't recognise you? How would you feel if they could see you but their brain couldn't process whether you were happy/angry/embarrassed? It's almost kind of scary. 

It's caused by brain damage sufferered after maturity from a head trauma, stroke and other degnerative diseases (ones in which the tissues/organs involved deteriorate over time).

I know it would make social situations very awkward but I'd like to know how people with prospagnosia live their daily lives. What would it be like? Do you think that each time I met someone like you, it would feel like like a first meeting? Would first meetings occur over and over again?

I've read the story of a man called David. If you'd like to find out about the problems he's encountered and will continue to encounter then here, read up on this link. 

I take my eyes for granted, that's for sure. I'm grateful to God for both of them.