Umrah Packages from UK

When you choose  or anywhere else, it should allow you to perform all the rituals with devotion and peace of mind. So whenever you plan your tour make sure to keep every necessity with you.  If you have no experience of any tour before, then we can recommend you few things you should definitely consider.

  • Extra Ihram: Keeping all the circumstances in mind, you should keep one extra pair of Ihram so you can change it one gets dirty.
  • Money in Riyals: It’s very usual to keep some cash, because you may need it in your journey.
  • Your necessary documents: Keep a photocopy of your passport, visa and other important papers with you.
  • Ear plug: It can help you with the sound of taking off and landing of plane, as it cause pain in ears.
  • Local SIM: In order to be in contact with your friends and family you should buy a local SIM card.
  • Books: Take some guiding books with you.
  • Notepad: Pencil, pen and notepad can be really useful.
  • Umbrella: Weather of Saudi Arabia is really hot so this would help you to be safe.
  • Medicines: Include some basic medicines in your list like, cough syrup, painkillers, bandages and diabetic patients should consult their doctor before the tour. Keep all necessary medicines advised by doctor. 
  • Toiletries: These are essential items like soap, shampoo and basic cleansing stuff. (Keep in mind that you are not allowed to wear any perfume etc in Ihram).
  • Mini Quran: It will keep you busy during your journey and I am sure, you are already aware with other virtues of reciting it.
  • Other items: In extra things you can take nail cutter, scissors, needle and thread with you. You never know when you would need them.

Note: You can always add or remove things from the list according your requirements. Ask the previous travelers, as no one can guide you better than any experienced person.

I will recommend you to keep every necessity in mind before you make your selection from from UK. If you are travelling with family the tailor made would be the better option to choose.


Al Hijaz tours have planned Umrah Packages 2018, select your packages for 2018, and have memorable journey to Makkah and Madina with us.