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The Mooslims, they're heeere!
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Daniel Pipes Seeks Role For Middle East Forum In Trump Commission

23 February, 2017 - 23:11

By Garibaldi

Racist Islamophobe, Daniel Pipes‘ Middle East Forum is pushing a press release detailing its plans for a “White House Commission on Radical Islam.” By “Radical Islam” what they are referring to is any Muslim voice or organization that is critical of the War on Terror, Israel, and the surveillance state.

It will also promote a coterie of self-proclaimed “Muslim reformers” who will have the united feature of agreeing with all of their policies. Basically a repeat of what was attempted during the Bush years. Some of the draconian measures that the “plan” seeks to implement include denying what is amorphously labeled “Islamists” use of the internet, and “examining how to prevent political correctness from impeding the fight against radical Islam.” There is also an effort to freeze assets of Muslim American organizations, as when charities such as The Holy Land Foundation were targeted in raids.

Organizations that will be targeted include CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, Muslim Advocates, charitable groups such as Islamic Relief USA. One wonders what the response of mainstream Jewish organizations such as the ADL and AIPAC will be to such efforts? Will they be supportive or silent?

Middle East Forum

Written by Christopher C. Hull, a former congressional staffer, the plan centers around:

· Structure: To be successful, the commission must consist of members selected by the president and have the power to subpoena documents, compel testimony, and grant immunity.

· Personnel: The commission should include a mix of experts on political violence, radical Islam, and technology; elected officials and members of the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic communities; Muslim reformers; and victims of radical Islam.

· Mandate: The commission should expand on Trump’s commitment to explain the core convictions of Islamists, expose their networks, and develop new protocols for law enforcement. In addition, it should examine how to cut off resources flowing to Islamists; how to deny them use of the Internet; how to prevent them from crossing our borders; and how to prevent political correctness from impeding the fight against radical Islam.

· Implementation: To be effective, the commission must coordinate with federal agencies to gather data, draft executive orders and legislation, provide supporting documents, prepare requests for proposals, recommend personnel, and work out budgets.

The Forum plan emphasizes that the overall goal of the White House Commission on Radical Islam should be to bring the American people together around a common understanding of their adversary and how it can be defeated.

The problem for Pipes may be that he is not sufficiently hateful of Islam and Muslims for Bannon and co. Recall that Trump’s shock troops, Spencer and Geller types, dislike Pipes who they think is a quisling on some issues.

Adam Purinton Killed Two Hindu Men In Islamophobic Attack

23 February, 2017 - 22:34

More fall out from the hate that Trump has propagated against Muslims. Two Indian, likely Hindu engineers were gunned down by a racist, Islamophobe yelling “get out my country.”

via. KansasCity.com

Purinton, a Navy veteran, was booked into the Henry County Jail. After the charges were filed, Purinton appeared before a judge in Henry County and waived his right to fight extradition.

It was not known how soon he would be returned to Johnson County.

Purinton allegedly told a bartender in Clinton that he had killed two Middle Eastern men, The Star has learned.

He reportedly told the bartender that he needed a place to hide out.

At least one witness reportedly heard the suspect yell “get out of my country” shortly before shooting men he thought were Middle Eastern. Both men, engineers at Garmin, appear to be originally from India.

Read the entire article here

Fox News in Bed with Nazi Apologist from Sweden

22 February, 2017 - 16:37

Fox News has strange friends. Fox News have discussed Sweden quite a lot the last days, after the statement by Donald Trump about Sweden and “immigrant criminality”. That “information” he picked up from Fox News. But how did Fox News get their intelligence about Sweden? Well after the Trump statement they interviewed the Swedis counterjihadist Ingrid Carlqvist, that openly have stated that she wants to collaborate with the Swedish Neo Nazi party, Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen.

Fox News interviewed Ingrid Carlqvist from Sweden recently. She was invited and was allowed to claim that Sweden is plagued by Muslims.

But why invited people that cooperates with Nazis? Ingrid Carlqvist is an apologist for Swedish neo Nazis. And is seeking to unify theefforts of the neonazis and the counterjihadists.

Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen

There are real nazis in Sweden. People that openly like Adolf Hitler and are proud to be nazis. One such organization is Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen. They are a real threat. If you do a search on the internet you will find plenty of articles in Swedish about them and the violence they promote.

Ingrid has a podcast in Sweden, Ingrid and Conrad. In July they talked about how to start cooperation with Neo Nazis and the most extreme movements connected to Alt Right here, like Motgift. When discussing Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen Ingrid said:

…”om nordiska motståndsrörelsen vill hjälpa till att rädda Sverige från islam, och den fruktansvärda situation vi befinner oss i nu, då är jag helt beredd att jobba ihop med dom tills den dagen vi räddat Sverige, sen går vi skilda vägar”

…”if the Nordic Resistancemovement wants to help us saving Sweden from Islam, and the terrible situation we are in at the moment, then I am ready to collaborate with them, until they day we have saved Sweden, then we will go separate ways.”

Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen is a neonazi party. For real. I wrote about them recently in Swedish, for those who are interested in facts that they are nazis.

The “noses”

The rest of the discussion on the podcast is equally disgusting. Besides the normal hatred against Muslims a caller appeared on the show claimed that “The Noses”, that is the Jews, run the Hillary campaign. Ingrid did NOT say anything against this.

They had a chat with Dan Eriksson, a founder of a podcast called Motgift too. Motgift is not officially pro-nazi but openly speaks well about Hitler and nazis and are holocaust deniers and antisemites. Ingrid and Dan agreed that the times has come for cooperation to save Sweden from the Muslims.

The Golden One

Ingrid and Conrad recently invited another Swede to their podcast, that speaks well about Adolf Hitler too. Namely the Golden One, Marcus Folin.

Folin is a denier the Holocaust (“300.000 died” because of “malnutrition”). He spreads conspiracy theories about the Jews and is positive to Adolf Hitler.


I have already written about Ingrid Carlqvist on Loonwatch in the context of the international Counterjihad movement, 2012. Some day ago she appeared on the Jamie Glazov show, an important show for the American counterjihadists. She is still big among some internationally. Even Breitbart has interviewed her.

But she was fired from Gatestone after she praised the Nazis.

Many of us that work against antisemitism and islamophobia, have warned that counterjihadists ultimately will find friends among the antisemites and nazis. Ingrid is a good example of this.

But not all that hate Muslims want to cooperate with nazis. I wonder if Fox News really want to end up in bed with proponents of Swedish neo nazis?

This at least tells us something important about Fox News. That they are ready to air any kind of racist crap, without checking their sources.


Honor Malcolm X Today: Read And Reflect On His Legacy

21 February, 2017 - 17:19

The greatest Muslim American who ever lived: Malcolm X, was a proud Black man who stared down White supremacy, US societal hypocrisy, violence and colonialism, both mental and spiritual.

It is the likes of him, a martyr, that the Qur’an describes as not truly dead: “And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision, Rejoicing in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His bounty, and they receive good tidings about those [to be martyred] after them who have not yet joined them – that there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.” (Quran, 3:169-170)

Sapelo Square is dedicating its homepage to Malcolm X today.  I encourage readers to check those posts out.

In honor of Malcolm X we have dedicated our homepage to his legacy and invite you to read and reflect on these selections from Sapelo Square:

Refracting Light: An Online Photo and Audio Exhibit on the legacy of Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz

Malcolm X – Five Myths

American Muslims and the Historical Struggle for Black Lives: A Reflection on Malcolm X in Between the World and Me

 Curating the Malcolm X Mixtape

Exhuming the Martyred Memory of Malcolm and Mother Betty Part 1 and Part 2

X Speaks

…in honoring him, we honor the best in ourselves…

Read the entire article

Milo Yiannopoulos, Defends Paedophila and Hates Gays

20 February, 2017 - 06:55

Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor at Breitbart, defends Paedophilia! Lets bust the myth that he is is a champion of homosexual rights. He is NOT. He wants the gays to “get back in the closet”, he hates trans-people and he defends paedophilia.

An account called the Reagan Battalion on Twitter revealed today that Milo defends paedophilia. He believes it is “ok” to have sex with 13 year olds. (Read the transcript of parts of it here!)

““You know people are messy and complex and actually, in the homosexual world particularly. Some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, that sort of coming of age relationships.”… The relationships with those with older men have helped those young boys discover who they are. And give them security and safety, provide them with love and reliable and sort of a rock.”

When getting the question if he means sex with children he answers, no, only with “sexually mature” young people like “13-year olds”

“You’re misunderstanding what pedophilia means. Paedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13-years old who is sexually mature. Paedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty. Pedophilia is a attraction to people who don’t have functioning sex organs yet. Who have not gone through puberty. Who are too young to be able to understand. That is not what we are talking about…”

He claims that it is not paedophilia for an adult to have sex with 13 year olds. He somehow believes that they are “sexually mature”. But that is what it as a matter of FACT is: paedophilia. And lets be frank about this. It is INSANE!

He has done so earlier: defended adult sex with 13-14 year olds, this is not the first time.


But dont make the mistake to believe that the fact that he is for sexual relations between boys and adults,and the fact that he is a homosexual, mean that he is for homosexual rights. He is not!

Lets look at the claim that Milo is somehow an advocate for HBTQ-rights. He is homosexual, but that does not prevent him from hating Gays almost as much as he hates Muslims. And… few homosexuals defend paedophila, keep that in mind!

Milo does not only want to kick out Muslims from the U.S.A, he believes that Homosexuals should be deprived of their rights too, so that America can fight Muslims (!), by breeding more children.

The Muslims are breeding like rabbits and gets a lot of children, while the western world gets fewer children. Therefore the gay men, that are intellectually superior (!),  should “get back into the closet”, marry women and, help saving Western civilization against the Muslim threat. That is how Milo views the world.

He believes that the 1950s, when homosexuals were jailed and persecuted in the Western world, was a good time, when Homosexuals were “in the closet”. Milos even defend the Russian homophobic president Vladimir Putin by stating that he is right when banning homosexuals.

Online photo blogs from San Francisco’s notorious Folsom Street Fair will do nothing to dispel Vladimir Putin’s hunch that the west has become a decadent mess. Frankly, I would have been less ashamed to be gay in the days when being gay was something to be ashamed of. Gays were classier when they were worried about being queer-bashed.

Children with two dads or two moms have a “cruel” childhood. “Children raised in gay households are more likely to suffer mental problems”and lesbians ” are famous for kicking the shit out of each other”. Hardly a positive view of homosexuality.

An example

Lets look at one of the articles Milo has written.

The endless celebration and mollycoddling of homosexuals in the media has transformed the genteel, camp rightsists of the 1950s into brash, glitter-drenched Pride queens. If for no other reasons than manners and aesthetics, we ought to think about shoving the next generation back into Narnia…

In in the 1950s, gay men would “live a lie,” get married and have kids. They’d let off steam in dark rooms and bathhouses. That’s not happening any more: the gay rights movement has liberated queens from societal expectations, so they shack up with their boyfriends and either don’t have children, or adopt…

When I express views like this, I’m sometimes called a reactionary. People say I want to go back to the 50s. And they’re right…  Forcing gays back into the closet also solves the problem of what happens to children when they have two dads or two moms. Children raised in gay households are more likely to suffer mental problems, more likely to end up gay themselves and, if raised by lesbians, almost certain to witness domestic abuse.

So the good news are?

The good news is that gay rights are in the minority, globally speaking. China, India and most of all Russia proudly celebrate the importance of the nuclear family.

You can hardly blame them. Online photo blogs from San Francisco’s notorious Folsom Street Fair will do nothing to dispel Vladimir Putin’s hunch that the west has become a decadent mess. Frankly, I would have been less ashamed to be gay in the days when being gay was something to be ashamed of. Gays were classier when they were worried about being queer-bashed.

It’s also worth considering the fact that the entire Muslim world is virulently homophobic, so men there continue to reproduce like rabbits….

I hate to exaggerate, but you might say that the future of the West sort of depends on us faggots leaping back in the closet and churning out a few kids.

Freedom to choose?

Muslims should be kicked out of the U.S.A and persecuted, homosexuals should return into the closet and queers should be “bashed”. There is no homophobia or racism against Muslims in the U.S.A. But paedophilia with 13 year olds should be legal. That is how Milo views the world.

Milo often attacks Muslims for being homophobic. But he NEVER attacks his own church, the Catholic Church. Quite the opposite, he claims Christians, as “opposed” to Muslims, are compassionate to homosexuals.

What does that tell us about Milo Yiannopoulos?

Well, Milo believes there is no homophobia any more in USA and gets so angry when he hear people speak about it so it makes him want to go out and “bash queers”(2:40). The gentle loving gay “bashing” homosexual Milo? Donald Trump and Steve Bannon has strange friends, indeed!

Trump, Fox News and Swedish Crime Statistics

19 February, 2017 - 05:42

Dunce cap on Trump

Donald Trump did it again on saturday. He talked about the Migration Ban and justified it by talkning about an “incident” in Sweden the day before. To the viewers it sounded like he talked about a terrorist attack, but nothing remarkable happened in Sweden that Friday (I am from Sweden). It is more probable that Trump was talking about a TV segment that aired Friday evening on Tucker Carlson (Fox) about “Muslim Migration” to Sweden and exploding “crime rates” in Sweden. 

Fox  claims that “Muslims” that migrates Sweden has increased the rates of crime astronomically and to prove this they are interviewing Ami Horowitz. He makes a lot of claims about refugees in the short segment while the TV show shows pictures of Muslims and of people rioting. The aim of the claims are to make people scared, They want to fool people to view immigration as something negative, and dangerous.

I am a swede that loves U.S.A. And Ami and Fox News are WRONG!

I will just focus on one thing: the claims about crimes in Sweden.

When Fox news wants to talk about problems with criminality they choose Sweden, why not The Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico or the suburbs of New York?


Sweden surely has problems. Unemployment and alienation among immigrants are a big problem. But Sweden is still not as unsafe to live in as the U.S.A.

Lets just look at the statistics that has to do with homocides. Sweden has about 1-1,3 murder per 100.000 inhabitants and USA has about 5, The U.S. controlled Virgin islands has 52 murders per 100.000 (56 homocides 2010) and Puerto Rico 18,5 (681 homocides 2014).

Ami Horowitz  claims that there are No Go Zones in Sweden where that  police does not even enter. No, that is wrong. There are zones with social problems and unemployment among immigrants that RACISTS call No Go Zones. But real No Go Zones are the ones we can find in the USA. Compared to some suburbs in, lets say Philadelphia and Baltimore, the Swedish suburbs are VERY calm and peaceful.

Perhaps Ami has never visited the suburbs of USA?

Statistics and Swedish rape

It is difficult to compare statistics between countries. Not all nations define crime in the same way. In Sweden and USA it is, for example, not a crime to be a homosexual. In nations with laws against homosexuality that “crime” affects the statistics.

The best example of this is the international statistics on rape and sexual assault. I have written about this in a recent article. Sweden with tough laws against rape reports has many reported cases of rapes in its statistics, while Egypt and Mozambique with lousy laws report few or almost no instances of rape.

As “evidence” for this international statistics are cited. Indeed, according to those statistics a lot of rapes are reported in Sweden: 63,5  rape incidents per 100,000 citizens. The USA with 300 million people has 27. That would lead you to think that the numbers of rapes are skyrocketing but then you look at the figures. Sweden with ten million people has 5,960 rapes, Azerbaijan 16, India only 22,000, Lebanon 19, Mozambique 44! And Saudi Arabia claims that there is almost no rape, (and lash the raped women instead), Egypt has about 100 all in all, Canada 576.

Does this mean that Sweden is unsafe for women, and that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Mozambique are paradise for women?

Of course not, there are big differences between all countries. The first is that what is defined as rape in Mozambique and Saudi Arabia is not the same as in Sweden or Germany and what is legally defined as a rape in USA is not the same as in Sweden.

Mozambique still has the old colonial laws that stated rapists to go unpunished if they marry their victims and stay married for at least five years. Saudi Arabia, well… Lots of women are raped but the legal system doesn’t seem to care about that. Egyptian law is not protecting Egyptian women very well.

The Swedish law considers lots of acts as sexual assault and rape that other countries don’t.

That is why the statistics om homocides is so important. The international laws against homocide are ALMOST the same in all countries. And the statistics show that Sweden is a far more peaceful country that USA.


To lower crime rates U.S.A should INCREASE the immigration

As for immigration.

If Donald Trump wants to decrease the rates of criminality in USA, he should open the borders and bring in more immigrants. If you look at facts, immigrants to USA have lower rates of crime that the people born in USA.

Many have reported about this fact that is scientificly and statisticly comfirmed. New York Times wrote last year;

“In America, as in Europe, anti-immigrant backlashes have often followed episodes in which foreigners are blamed for crimes and other problems. But statistical studies show that in the United States, at least, immigrants are far more law-abiding than natives, regardless of race, class or education.”

Reason magazine wrote;

“This new study bolsters my reporting on the topic back in 2014 which also found lower rates of criminality among immigrants. As I then noted: University of California sociologist Ruben Rumbaut finds, among other things, that the incarceration rate of American-born males between 18 and 39 years of age was five times the rate of foreign-born males, and finds similar conclusions in a survey of other studies on the topic.

Rumbaut and his colleagues have updated their data. From the executive summary of their study:

‘For more than a century, innumerable studies have confirmed two simple yet powerful truths about the relationship between immigration and crime: immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the unauthorized, regardless of their country of origin or level of education. In other words, the overwhelming majority of immigrants are not “criminals” by any commonly accepted definition of the term. For this reason, harsh immigration policies are not effective in fighting crime.'”

Lets look at the statistics. I looked at this some years ago and found these excellent charts from one of the studies by Rumbaut. It is statistics that show that 3% of the US population between 18 and 39 was incarnated 2000. 3,5% of the U.S. born population and 0,86% of the foreign born population was incarnated.

Thus: to decrease the crime rates in the U.S.A: increase immigration!


The chart above is, by the way, also a sign that USA has far greater problems with criminality that Sweden. USA had 758 incarnated per 100.000 inhabitants 2005-2007. Sweden had 77!




Are Alien Lizards behind the “Muslim Invasion”?

18 February, 2017 - 15:07

Besides Breitbart, Inforwars is another one of Donald Trump´s main sources of news and information. The connection between Trump and Infowars makes me wonder if Donald believe that some humans are alien lizards too, as Alex Jones do. Do the American president believes that some of the worldleaders he talk to are lizards dressed  as humans?

President Donald Trump claim that 3 million votes where casted by illegal immigrants. All of them apparently voted for Hillary Clinton. His source for that allegation is Infowars.com. Donald has agreed to be interviewed on Infowars and he has tweeted “news” from Infowars. Inforwars is no longer a fringe source of bizarre propaganda. Infowars is respected by the President of USA.

In the fall 2015 Trump spread the claim that Muslims celebrated in New York when the twin towers were brought down by terrorists. In the tweet he links to an article in Infowars.

Myth or fact?

There were individuals that celebrated in the USA. No doubt. But no evidence or facts has ever been presented about hundreds or thousands of Muslims that allegedly celebrated in or around New York City  when WTC collapsed. This is a FACT. Rumours spread by people that hate Muslims, or hearsay is NOT facts. Besides that, 60 Muslims died in the attacks on 9/11 so the Muslims grieved their dead. Thousands ran for their lives that day. Radical islamists are killing tens of thousands of Muslims every year. They are victims of the radical islamist terror too.

As for Alex Jones and his Infowars. Well, I still remember listening to his broadcast after 9/11. He talked about alien lizards that were a part of the conspiracy to attack USA on 9/11. This is something that he has not talked much about since then. But the aliens are still a part of his worldview. It is the conspiracy to “replace men with machines” and to make the Muslims “burn down all of Europe”, let them “invade U.S.A, and to make the ruling elite “Gods”.

Alex Jones is “joking” that Hillary Clinton is an alien lizard that give birth to aliens in a glass of water. Hardly a joke, since Alex truly believe Hillary has reptilian, alien, DNA.

“I warned Mr. Trump to be careful of shape-shifting reptilian aliens trying to infiltrate his campaign,” said Jones on his radio show “Info Wars.” “I believe that many of Hillary Clinton’s health problems are down to the fact that her reptilian DNA is having a hard time adapting to our environment.”

He also believe that Hillary Clinton is a demon, but that is not a joke for him. Look at this!

And the health care reform of President Obama was of course made up by the lizards. Or what do you think about this?

Alex Jones have featured David Icke on his show. David Icke is the antisemitic “mastermind” behind the claim that alien lizards are trying to take over the earth.

“Humanity is actually under the control of dinosaur-like alien reptiles called the Babylon Brotherhood who must consume human blood to maintain their human appearance.” (Icke)

A trustworthy source of information? Well ask Mr. Alex Jones to present the facts. There are not any. If you dont believe that flies that land on a person is an evidence of them being “demons”, and reflections in a glass of water is evidence of people behing lizards from outer space?!

The only question is if Donald Trump believes in this alien conspiracy theory too?


“The ISIS-salute” demystified

16 February, 2017 - 21:04

ISIS and other political extremist groups are often seen holding one finger, the index finger in the air. That they have chosen the pointed finger as a political symbol, is undoubtly true. But does that mean that all that are poining fingers in the air are members of ISIS? And are all Muslims that ever raises their index finger dangerous terrorists?

First of all I would encourage you to use Google. Pointing with index fingers is nothing uncommon. When you point at something you want to direct peoples attention to something. Pointing up in the air is a variation of that. In the European and American cultures we do it all the time. When you watch sports on TV you see it all the time. It symbolizes “I am number one”, “I am the winner”.

Soccerplayers often show the indexfinger after scoring a goal.

When you watch athletics you see it all the time.

Martin Luther King frequently pointed fingers. He pointed AT the racists challenging them and he pointed up in the when he said that mankind is ONE.  I am from Sweden. Here different organizations for decades have used the symbol “pointing an index finger up in the air” when fighting racism. The symbolic meaning is the same as for King: “unity, mankind is one”. Last year racists spread articles about a Swedish TV show where children raised their finger. The “ISIS-Salute” some Islamophobes claimed.

Here they linked the children to a picture of a member in ISIS:

In this case it was a TV show against racism where they wanted to say that mankind is one. The show was done after a racist murdered three people two of then children in a school in Trollhättan.

Pamela Geller claimed that the former President Obama was an agent of ISIS when he happened to raise his index finger once, when giving a speech.

In Islam

In Islam the symbolic meaning of the pointed finger is that “there is no god but Allah”. That means that God is ONE, It is a gesture that is used by most Muslims in the Islamic Prayer.

This is nothing extremist or strange. One can compare it to how many Christians make the sign of the cross while praying, or uses the symbol of the cross in different ways. As a symbol of devotion.

The Synbol of KKK

The pointed finger and the cross have often been “kidnapped” by political groups to serve their purpose. ISIS are not alone, Al Qaeda and other extremists are using the symbol with the finger, too. But it is the same with the Christian symbols. Let me remind you how the symbol of Ku Klux Klan looks like!

Different Nazis and Fascists have frequently used the cross to claim that their political views are supported by God. The Falangists in Franco´s spain used the sign of the cross much, because they wanted people to see that they were “true Catholics” and to claim that they had a “mandate from God”. This does not mean that all people that do the sign of the cross are Fascists and Nazis. Some are, especially if they do it to try to link their political ideas to God. But all are not. Most people do the sign of the cross because they believe in God.

The British Catholic fascist F.K Chesterton, that Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos love so much that they want the Pope to make him a saint, used to make the sign of the cross before entering a new house or even sometimes a new room. Does that make the sign of the cross a Fascist symbol?


Only a madman would claim that all that do the sign of the cross are nazis because Joseph Goebbels was a Catholic that frequently made the sign of the cross. Only a madman would say that all that do the sign of the cross love fascists because Catholic fascists like Chesterton and the Spanish fascists used it. Only a madman would say that the cross is a symbol of evil and hatred because the KKK uses it.

It is equally crazy to believe the scare stories about the Muslims and the index finger.

The Independent: Mass Sexual Assault in Frankfurt By Refugees ‘Completely Made Up’

16 February, 2017 - 20:53

The damage has been done: the meme that the zombies at Breitbart, and other right-wing media wanted to propagate about “rapefugees” got regurgitated and disseminated far and wide. Breitbart which was one of the disseminators of the lie, followed up the truthful story and found a way to add some wholly unrelated anti-Muslim shade at the end. (h/t:Abdel)

This is not the first time German media have been fooled by the so-called “fake news” phenomena. Last year in Berlin, a group of pro-migrant activists called “Moabit Helps” claimed a migrant had frozen to death waiting for benefits. The story was widely reported across German media, but when no dead migrant was found and the sole witness went into hiding, the story was proved to be a hoax.

In Austria, a young Muslim girl claimed she had been attacked at a train station by people who had torn off her hijab and tried to throw her onto the train tracks. After police looked at the footage they saw the girl walk onto a train with no violence occurring at all and launched an investigation claiming she lied to police.

By Harriet Agerholm, The Independent

Prosecutors are investigating two people for allegedly fabricating an account of a mass sex attack by Arab migrants in Frankfurt.

Claims that a “sex rioting mob” of around 50 men assaulted a group of women over the new year were reported by German tabloid Bild earlier this month.

The report, which suggested the attackers lived at a refugee shelter in central Hasse, was widely re-circulated by right-wing news sites.

In an article since taken down from its website, Bild interviewed a chef who runs a restaurant in Fressgass, a busy shopping district, as well as a 27-year-old woman.

The chef alleged that dozens of Arab men came into his restaurant in, stole his customers’ jackets and sexually assaulted multiple women.

The 27-year-old female told the paper: “They grabbed me under my skirt, between the legs and on my breast – everywhere.”

Yet, police said on Tuesday they believed the allegations were “completely baseless”. One of the purported victims of the alleged attack was not in Frankfurt at the time of the purported crime, they said.

“Interviews with alleged witnesses, guests and employees led to major doubts with the version of events that had been presented,” police told German daily Frankfurter Rundschau.

“One of the alleged victims was not even in Frankfurt at the time the allegations are said to have taken place.”

They concluded: “Masses of refugees were not responsible for any sexual assaults in the Fressgass over New Year. The accusations are completely baseless.”

No sexual assaults were reported to police from the the area over New Year before the Bild report, they said.

Investigators were looking into whether the pair had made up the story.

Bild‘s editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt issued an apology on behalf of the tabloid, writing in a tweet: “We apologise for our own work. I’ll shortly announce what Bild will do about it.”

“Muslim-Free America” Signange On College Campuses

15 February, 2017 - 16:25

An organization calling itself “American Vanguard” is taking responsibility for genocidalist signage popping up around university campuses in the US.

A number of colleges across the United States have seen Islamophobic and white supremacist flyers posted across their campuses.

A picture of racist posters hung at Rutgers University in New Jersey were shared on Twitter by Muslimgirl.com writer Azmia, who explained that they’d been sent to her by a colleague. Continue reading…

So is this new “Vanguard” group just a bunch of embolden dolts who think that Trump’s victory is a green light to attempt to terrorize Muslims and undermine American plurality? Seems like it.

The Nazi Roots of the Word “Cultural Marxism”

15 February, 2017 - 13:48

Islamophobes often use the word “Cultural Marxism“. If you believe in the rights of Muslims or the rights of women, homosexuals or black people you are a cultural Marxist in the eyes of some.  The key thinkthank behind the Trump administration, Steve Bannons Breitbart, often use the word Cultural Marxism. But what is its origin? The word cultural marxism was invented by Adolf Hitler and the nazis in the early 1920s and the current islamophobes have just “borrowed” it from the antisemities and Nazis.

Breitbart views so called “Cultural Marxism”as the root of all evil. Cultural marxism destroys the language. Cultural Marxists wants to have equality between the sexes. they threaten the western civilization, and hate God and they love Muslims and Homosexuals too.

Yes, Cultural Marxists are behind Muslim” immigration to, they claim. It all started with talk about the rights of minorites in the 60s, as they write:

Under this “cultural Marxism,” progressives believed they would aid racial and sexual minorities — and now Islamic minorities — by transferring cultural power and status from ordinary Americans, especially from white working-class Americans and away from individualistic-minded Christian churches…

The present day cultural Marxists, inckluding former President Obama

are also encouraging the migration of devout Muslims and their theocratic political leaders into the United States.

And that leads to terrorism.

The resulting spike in jihad attacks…”

We are talking about REALLY scary things.

Whhat is the origin of this mysterious group of alleged Marxists? Andrew Breitbart, The founder of Breitbart, traced the roots of present day cultural marxists to something called the Frankfurt school.

Why the Frankfurt School?  According to the myth cultural Marxism was created by marxists in Germany in the 1920s, the so called the Frankfurt School. They wanted to destroy western civilization, it is claimed by introducing amorality, collectivism and atheism. The persons behind it were people like Georg Lukács, Karl Korsch, Karl August Wittfogel, Friedrich Pollock, Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse.

But Breitbart does not tell you that Adolf Hitler invented this myth that the Frankurt school was behind much of the evil on this planet.

The nazis and “Cultural Bolsjevism”

The nazis needed an enemy that was both Jewish and Marxist and that could be blamed for both the “rise in homosexuality” and the “degeneration of the culture“. They found the enemy in the Frankfurt school. But they used the term “cultural Bolshevism”, not “cultural Marxisms”

In 1935 Germany banned jazz music in public, like on German radio. The Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet wrote in October 13 1935 that the nazis was clearing out “cultural Bolsjevism” from German culture.  “From this Saturday onwards all negroe-dancemusic is banned on German radio”.

If you read the Nazi propaganda and media from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s you often see the word “cultural Bolsjevism” and you can often see references to the “evil” Frankfurt School. The nazi bookburnings was a part of the campaign against “cultural Bolsjevism”, as well as the ban against jazzmusic, the “degenerated music” (“entartete musik”).

The nazis claimed that the culture was being destroyed by a Jewish conspiracy. In this conspiracy the Jewish Marxists in the University of Frankfurt played a crucial role, they said. The same myth that Breitbart and others still are spreading today, but with the claim that the present day followers of Frankfurt School Marxism are behind the “muslim invasion”.

The nazi press was filled with rederences to “cultural Bolsjevism”. Völkischer Beobachter, the main nazi paper, wrote about the hated jazz music in 1931. Here are two examples of how they used the word. First 17 december 1931… ”Culturalbolshevistic triumph in Thuringen” and the second December 18 1931 about “1931 that is about ”bourgeois-marxistic cultural Marxism”.

Many artists were kicked out of Germany by the Nazis in the first years of their reign. All of those where kicked out as a part of this campaign, citing “cultural Marxism” as the legal reason for it. Many artists where banned and not allowed to enter Germany. The Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter reported april 17 1934 that the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok was blacklisted in Germany because he was viewed as a “cultural Bolshevist”


Adolf Hitler

The originator of this antisemitic myth is unknown, but is probably Adolf Hitler.

What we know is that he writes about this alleged Jewish-Marxist conspiracy to corrupt the moral and the culture in his book Mein Kampf. Especially chapter 10 in the first book of Mein Kampf, published 1925.

Der Bolschewismus der Kunst ist die einzig mögliche kulturelle Lebensform und geistige Äußerung des Bolschewismus überhaupt.”

Lets read some of it in english.

“Even before the turn of the century an element began to intrude into our art which up to that time could be regarded as entirely foreign and unknown. To be sure, even in earlier times there were occasional aberrations of taste, but such cases were rather artistic derailments, to which posterity could attribute at least a certain historical value, than products no longer of an artistic degeneration, but of a spiritual degeneration that had reached the point of destroying the spirit. In them the political collapse, which later became more visible, was culturally indicated.

Art Bolshevism is the only possible cultural form and spiritual expression of Bolshevism as a whole

Once we pass the development of our cultural life in the last twenty-five years in review from this standpoint, we shall be horrified to see how far we are already engaged in this regression. Everywhere we encounter seeds which represent the beginnings of parasitic growths which must sooner or later be the ruin of our culture. In them, too, we can recognize the symptoms of decay of a slowly rotting world. Woe to the peoples who can no longer master this disease!”

These bolsjevistic conspirators wanted to destroy the culture by cutting of its connection to the past, Hitler claimed. The cultural elite that allowed the introduction of this degenerated art was cowards and traitors to Germany.

“And from this effort to remove the past from the eyes of the present, the evil intent of the apostles of the future could clearly and distinctly be seen. By this it should have been recognized that these were no new, even if false, cultural conceptions, but a process of destroying all culture, paving the way for a stultification of healthy artistic feeling: the spiritual preparation of political Bolshevism. For if the age of Pericles seems embodied in the Parthenon, the Bolshevistic present is embodied in a cubist monstrosity.

In this connection we must also point to the cowardice which here again was manifest in the section of our people which on the basis of its education and position should have been obligated to resist this cultural disgrace. But from pure fear of the clamor raised by the apostles of Bolshevistic art, who furiously attacked anyone who didn’t want to recognize the crown of creation in them and pilloried him as a backward philistine, they renounced all serious resistance and reconciled themselves to what seemed after all inevitable.”

From Adolf Hitler to present day Breitbart

The concept survived among the nazis after World War 2. As the word Marxist became more popular, the word changed so that in the 60s the nazis talked about cultural Marxism instead. If you do some research you will find that it almost exclusively was the antisemites and nazis that spread this concept, just 20 years ago. People like Lyndon LaRouche William Lind used it too, but got it from Willis Carto that used it in already in the 70s. The nazi connections of Carto, like Francis Parker Yockey, are well documented.

Still today the internet is flooded with antisemitic propaganda that claims that “Jews” are behind mass immigration, gay rights, interracial marriage and the Muslim invasion. Antisemitism is still a threat, a big threat, to society…


The myth of cultural Marxism is connected to the idea that the Jews are behind the so called Muslim invasion that I wrote about recently.


About 15 years ago the concept was picked up by the islamophobes around the “counterjihad” movement. They claimed that they were not antisemites and downplayed critizism of the Jews (even if some, like Steve Bannon, still believes that “U.S. Jews” are a part of the grand conspiracy”).

The Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, that in 2011 murdered more than 80 people in an attempt to “stop the islamization of Europe”, used the concept often. Like he posted at Document.no in 2009.

“How Can a democracy work When 98% of Western European journalist openly sympathize with “cultural Marxism”? These Deliberate “media black-outs” are authoritarian in nature.”


“Ideology of multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) is an anti-European hatideologi whose purpose is to destroy European culture, identity and Christianity in general.”

Thus: today the Muslims are the main targets for the Myth about “cultural Marxism”. The myth is still exactly the same as in the 1920s. A global conspiracy. The attempt to destroy the culture, and morality by using “amoral” ideas like immigration, “Muslims”, homosexuals, free sex, democracy, civil rights, female rights, etc, etc. A claim that Marxists run this Conspiracy. The myths about the Frankfurt School.

The counterjihadists and islamophobes, like Breitbart, are spreading a myth that nazis created.

It is so sad to see that racist myths that until a few years ago only the nazis were spreading, are being more and accepted. As for Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart that now is the main adisor to President Trump. Well he too uses this word, to fight the Muslims and homosexuals and feminists that he believes are conspiring to destroy the Western civilization.

MiddleEastEye: Iraqi Christian Militia Threatens To “Dispose” Sunnis

13 February, 2017 - 20:17

Christian militia fighters from the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU) show four men, allegedly members of the Islamic State (IS) group that were found inside a tunnel in Mosul, as they sit blindfolded in the back of a pick-up truck in Qaraqosh (also known as Hamdaniya), some 30 kilometres east of IS’s last remaining stronghold in Iraq, on December 20, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / JM Lopez

While ISIS’ barbarity grabs the attention of the worldwide community, there is little understanding of how complex the situation actually is in Iraq. Persecution and violence is not simply perpetrated by Sunnis against Shias, Yazidis and Christians, as the narrative often goes in the press. In fact, Iraqi mobilization forces have been documented to commit grave human rights abuses as terrible as those committed by ISIS. Many might not even know that there are Christian militias that are operating in theater. A recent report by Middle East Eye documents one such instance in which a militia threatens a whole Sunni village.

A leader of an Iraqi Christian militia reportedly threatened last week to “dispose of” Sunni Arab tribes in the northern town of Tel Kayf near the war-ravaged city of Mosul if they did not leave the area, according to the Middle East Monitor (MEMO).

Salman Esso Habba of the ‘Christian Mobilisation’ militia, a faction within the mainly Shia Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), warned the town’s Sunni Arabs to vacate by last Friday, asserting that Tel Kayf’s homes belonged exclusively to Christians, MEMO reported on Wednesday.

In his speech Habba is also reported to have said that Christians’ homes and rights would no longer be usurped, which he alleged had occurred following the US-led invasion that ousted former President Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Christian communities in Iraq have already distanced themselves from armed Christian militias, recognising that their actions could endanger their fragile peaceful coexistence with Iraq’s other religious communities.

In a statement released last year, the Patriarchate of the Chaldean Church stated that they have “no near or far relations with the Babylonian Brigades [a Christian militia] or any other armed Christian factions,” according to MEMO.

Last month, Amnesty International reported that Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units (PMUs) were engaged in a “systematic pattern of violations,” including enforced disappearances, torture and unlawful killings targeting the Sunni community.

Read the entire article

U.S.A Already has a Partial “Muslimban”

13 February, 2017 - 09:00

Donald Trump and the strategists in “his” think thank Breitbart, wants a “Muslimban”. They demand that U.S.A should take fewer Muslim refugees, and more that are Christian. But U.S.A is  already today doing so. According to PEW Research U.S.A take in more Christian refugees than Muslim. For the years 2002-16 it means 400 000 Christian refugees and 280 000 Muslim (0.08% of US pop).

PEW reseach reported last year that U.S.A for a long time has handpicked the refugees chooses to “help”. In reality there is already a partial Muslimban. U.S.A prefers Christians to Muslims when choosing which refugees it wants to “help”.

PEW wrote:

Overall, a far larger total number of Christian refugees than Muslim refugees have entered the U.S. since fiscal 2002. During the past 15 years, the U.S. has admitted 399,677 Christian refugees and 279,339 Muslim refugees, meaning that 46% of all refugees who have entered the U.S. during this time have been Christian while 32% have been Muslim…

That the number of Muslims increased in 2016 is due to the crisis in Syria. Please note that the number of Christian refugees increased too.

As for Syria PEW wrote:

The administration set the goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. in the fiscal year. This goal was exceeded, and refugee status was given to 12,587 Syrians. Nearly all of them (99%) were Muslim and less than 1% were Christian.

As a Swede I have to say that this is not much. Sweden is a small nation, its area is 173,860 square miles, with 10 million people and  (The area of U.S.A is 3,796,742 square miles and it has 324,522,000 inhabitants ) Sweden has taken in more than 300.000 refugees during these years. 2016 we took in 45 600 refugees from Syria alone. U.S.A. could do better than it does today. And it could stop its current partial “Muslimban” too.

(Credit to Christian Christensen, @ChrChristensen, on Twitter.)


Are Jeans and Hijab Symbols of Oppression?

13 February, 2017 - 08:48

“The Hijab is not something that should ever be seen on American women. It is a symbol of oppression and difference.”/Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor on Breitbart

If you claim that the “Hijab” is a symbol of oppression you claim that all that wear Hijab are oppressed, and that all that like the Hijab are oppressors. That includes the Jews that wear “hiijab”, like the Sheitel.

Orthodox Jewish women often cover their hair too

Often people refer to Iran as the reason why the Hijab is “dangerous”. Well, the laws regulating what kind of clothes women should wear in Iran are certainly oppressive. To force women to wear hijab and punish them if they dont is disgusting. But the problem is not the Hijab. It is the oppression that is the problem.

To force people to carry a hijab or to force them to take off the hijab is equally wrong. But of course, not for Milo, who frequently makes fun of people that have been forced to remove their hijabs, or even claim that all of them lie.

The laws regulating what people should wear in Iran,  is not only restricted to the Hijab. if you read what is required you see that even long trousers are mandatory:

Head : Hair should be covered. It does not mean you shall have a tight scarf around your head. Don’t worry, It is very usual that some parts remain out of the cover. It’s quite acceptable for women to allow whips of their hair to frame their face. Appropriate hats & caps can do this function as well as scarves. Scarf is the most common covering for head and is called “Roosari” in Farsi.

3. Body : Should be covered with loose clothes like man shirt, coat or manteau. Arms should not be bare.

4. Legs & feet : Legs should be covered down to ankles. Feet can be bare and you can wear sandals. Tight jeans are no problem.

So if the Hijab is a symbol of oppression because Iran forces women to carry it, and because some other extremists force women to carry it, is it not oppression to force women to carry trousers?

If the Hijab is banned, should we not ban trousers too? And why are so many of those man and women that hate the Hijab carrying trousers? Should they not walk around in miniskirts, or in their underwear only, to protest against the “cruel Muslim regulations dealing with clothes”-

Well, well… Some people like the Hijab and trousers and carry it because they like it. Some carry trousers and hijab because of their religious beliefs. Some carry hijab and trousers because it is their habit or culture to do so. Some others because it feels good, especially in the winter. Some carry it because they belive they look attractive in it. And many do not like long trousers and hijab and do not carry it, or at least tries to not carry it (it is hard when it is snowing).

Let women demselves decide what to carry! Some Muslim women and some Jewish women use “hijab”, some dont. It is up to THEM to decide. Too long have different men tried to dictate how women should behave, say, and how they should dress like.

But I would like to see Steve Bannon and Milo protesting on stage against the cruel “Iranian” regulations and laws regarding clothes, by only wearing their underwear. I can see it in front of me now and I can hear the voice of Milo: “Jeans is a symbol of oppression”.


Catholics should fear Breitbart and Trump´s Migration Ban

12 February, 2017 - 10:50

Is the hatred of Muslims, and Trumps “Migration Ban”, consistent with Catholic values? That is something Breitbart writes much about, and for them the answer to these question are yes. Several of their leading editors and journalists are Catholic, like Milo Yiannopoulos and Steve Bannon.

But Catholics should remember that 90 years ago racists, led by the Ku Klux Klan, demonized the Catholic Church with a rethoric similar to Breitbart today. As for the “Migrant Ban”, Catholics were partially victims of the “Migrant Bans” of 1921 and 1924.

There are many similarities between Breitbarts hatred of Muslims today and the hatred of Catholics in the history of the U.S.A. 

“Restricted immigration is not an offensive but purely a defensive action. It is not adopted in criticism of others in the slightest degree, but solely for the purpose of protecting ourselves.” Coolidge 1924 Republican convention.

“American institutions rest solely on good citizenship… America must be kept American. For this purpose it is necessary to continue a policy of restricted immigration… Those who do not want to be partakers of the American spirit ought not to settle in America.” Coolidge December 6, 1923 message to Congress

We will look at these similarities between anticatholicism and Islamophobia in a series of articles here on Loonwatch.There are many similarities. In this article we shall look at the 1924 migration ban that restricted the immigration from Catholic countries in southern Europe, and the surge of anti-Catholic hatred in U.S.A in the 1920s.

Breitbart and the Catholic church

Breitbart is writing a lot about the Catholic church. Among its editors and journalists are several Catholics. Milo Yiannopoulos is a Catholic. Steve Bannon is a Catholic too. But the relationship between Bannon and the U.S. Catholic community is not good. U.S. Catholics are too positive of immigration, Bannon believes.

Bannon allegedly said on March 8, “I understand why Catholics want as many Hispanics in this country as possible, because the church is dying in this country, right? If it was not for the Hispanics. I get that, right? But I think that is the subtext of part of the letter, and I think that is the subtext of a lot of the political direction of this.”

Another Breitbart contributer is Thomas D. Williams. He is a professor of ethics and Breitbart correspondent in Rome. He is Catholic. He has frequently written about Muslims as a threat, and is defending the Migrant Ban, even citing saints to defend it.

But he is wrong. Catholics should know better that spreading hatred against Muslims and supporting “Migrant Bans” that according to Donald Trump have the purpose to limit the number of Muslims that can enter the U.S.A.

Catholics have themselves been victims of similar “anti-Catholic” Migrant Bans.

The 1924 “Migrant Ban”

The 1924 Immigration Act was the result of several years of propaganda to restrict immigration from “undesired” parts of the world. Already in 1921 restrictions had been instituted with the Emergency Quote Act.

Catholics in Alliance writes.

Following the War, the popularity of immigration restriction was at an all-time high. In response, Congress passed the Emergency Quota Act in 1921, which established fixed limits on the number of people emigrating to the U.S. from any one country. The 1921 Act established the quotas based on 3% of the number of immigrants from each national origin group based on the 1910 census, which reflected fewer numbers of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe than the time in which the act was under debate. In fixing the quotas based on the 1910 numbers, Congress hoped to keep out the supposedly inferior races, such as Italians, Poles, and Slavs.

In 1924, the Johnson-Reed Act extended the quota system in an even more discriminatory process, changing the basis of the quotas to the 1890 census, when even fewer Southern and Eastern Europeans had been present in the United States. The new legislation thus discriminated against Catholic immigrants, the majority of whom came from the “undesirable” regions of Europe. The quota system established by the 1924 Johnson-Reed Act remained in place for nearly three decades.

The Catholics were worried. Even if Catholic immigration was not entirely stopped (Immigration from Latin America was unrestricted, and from Ireland), they knew that they were targeted. Anticatholicism was widespread in the U.S.A. and the Ku Klux Klan had many followers in the political parties, especially the Democratic Party.

Migration from protestant countries was encouraged while migration from Catholic ones in southern Europe was restricted, as we can see above in the figures of the immigration after 1924. That was hardly a coincidence. Most historians view the 1921 and 1924 immigration restrictions as anticatholic. Most informed Catholics do the same.

“Catholics are criminals and terrorists”

Anticatholicism has a long and violent history in the U.S.A. Already John Jay instituted a “Migrant Ban” in New York State. It was Jay who wrote the Continental Congress’s 1774 address to the people of Great Britain. The Congress wanted a “Migrant Ban” to stop Catholics.

“Nor can we suppress our astonishment, that a British Parliament should ever consent to establish in that country a religion that has deluged your island in blood, and dispersed bigotry, persecution, murder and rebellion through every part of the world.” (John Jay 1774)

In the mid 1800s there were plenty of antocatholic riots were people were brutally killed. The violence was aimed at Catholics, expecially the Irish, that were seen as bloodthirsty parazites and rapists, by many at the time. racists feared a “Catholic takeover of the U.S.A”. There was even a political party called the “Know Nothing“in the mid 1800s. Know Nothing and the influential American Protective Association in the end of the 1800s sounded much like Breitbart today. This is the APA oath:

“I do most solemnly promise and swear that I will always, to the utmost of my ability, labor, plead and wage a continuous warfare against ignorance and fanaticism; that I will use my utmost power to strike the shackles and chains of blind obedience to the Roman Catholic church from the hampered and bound consciences of a priest-ridden and church-oppressed people”.

Anticatholicism increased in the early 1900s. Catholics were seen as violent terrorists, as well as adherents of a dangerous religion that allegedly demanded that you give up your individual freedom. This article in The Menace from 1915 is typical for the anticatholic hatred at the time.

At this time the Ku Klux Klan restarted their operations in the U.S.A. In 1915 it was refounded. KKK is today remembered mainly because its hatred against black people and Jews. But it was equally anti-catholic. It was responsible for much of the anticatholic hatred that plagued the U.S. in the 1920s.

Its anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish propaganda sounds very much like Breitbart today. According to the Clan the Jews and the Catholics had dangerous religions and cultures that threatened the western civilization. The Catholics were terrorists that bred like rabbits and wanted to conquer the world and slaughter all protestants.

In the Principles and Purposes of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan you can read:

The myths about the “islamization America” today has its historical roots in the myths about “Jewish take over of USA” and the myth that Catholics wanted to “make America Catholic”, that the KKK spread in the 1920s.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the “migration ban” came in 1924 when Coolidge was president. Many believe that he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Coolidge was a complex person. On one hand he did NOT denounce the Ku Klux Klan when the opponent in the Democratic party, J.W. Davies, did so in the presidential election 1923. He refused and that made Catholics scared. Davies demanded that Coolidge should do so, but he did not. Coolidge wanted the support of the white people in the Southern U.S.A. On the other hand he did portrait himsels as a “friend of the assimilated Catholics” and defended their right to be citizens. He differentiated between the unassimilated and the assimilated ones.

The 1924 “Migrant Ban” can be seen as a compromise. The KKK partly won, in that migration from the most “dangerous” Catholic and Jewish areas was restricted. But the Irish and Latinamerican immigration continued.


The KKK marching in Washington D.C. 1926.

In 1928 Al Smith was the first Catholic to run for President. He ran on the Democratic ticket and was defeated, due to the anticatholic ferment at the time. His critics defended the KKK and claimed that he was a part of a secret plot to conquer and destroy the USA:

The Roman Catholic edict has gone forth in secret articles, “Al Smith is to be made President.” Doctor McDaniel said: “Of all countries the Pope wants to control this country.” “The Knights of Columbus slogan,“ said Doctor Chapman, . . . ”is make America Catholic.” Here they tell you in their book that they will force the propaganda of Protestants to cease, they will lay the heavy hand of a Catholic state upon you and crush the life out of Protestantism in America.

In future articles we will expand on this topic. When John F. Kennedy was elected there was a surge in anticatholicism again that is well worth looking at too.

Catholics SHOULD be worried

The rhetoric Breitbart uses is often the same as the one against the Catholics. The same myths, the same, loose claims, the same ideas about “their takeover”, the same demographic lies, the same claims that “they are prone to be violent and are terrorists”, the same fear of a “Muslim” or “Catholic” president.

Considering the “Migration Ban” in the 1920s, the Catholics in the U.S.A should be worried, very worried about the ban; and about the hatred Breitbart spreads.


FYI Israeli-French Citizens: Israel Is Also Racist

10 February, 2017 - 23:21

Marine LePen, ultra-nationalist, whose party the “Front National” a court in France ruled can justifiably be described as “fascist” has said that dual nationalities, those who hold Israeli and French citizenship would have to choose one or the other.

In a display of irony, Haaretz published a report on LePen’s proclamation that says many dual French-Israelis would choose Israel over France. My question to these folks: you do realize that Israel is an aggressively racist, colonial-settler state, right? So you aren’t okay with racism and neo-colonialism in France but just enjoy the Israeli flavored racism? Is it because it targets you and in Israel it targets Palestinians and Muslims?

Many French Jews who have immigrated to Israel told Haaretz that in such a case they would choose to remain citizens of the Jewish state, but said they fear for the physical and financial safety of those who continue to live in France or who travel between the two countries.

“My choice is made, I would remain Israeli, because Le Pen’s behavior is truly fascist,” said Agnes Hanna Goldman, a 60-year-old who works in public relations and movie production and is in the process of moving to Tel Aviv.

Continue reading…

Flemming Rose Denounces Steve Bannon

10 February, 2017 - 14:59

“What baffled me the most, in our conversation, was that Bannon apparently believed that war can have a cleansing effect: that we need to tear down things from time to time to rebuild it from scratch… He believed that there is no way we can avoid an armed conflict, if Europe is to be saved. It cant be stopped by peaceful means. We are at war with Islam…” (Steve Bannon to Flemming Rose)

Flemming Rose is one of the editors of Jyllansposten in 2005, when they published the so called Muhammed Cartoons and is currently a researcher at the CATO institute, in the U.S.A.  He wrote an article in the Danish paper Weekendavisen some days ago about that day last fall, when he met Steve Bannon, with the headline “The Revolutionary”. Rose was not impressed, quite the oppposite.

He met with Steve Bannon last year when having an appointment with another person in New York.

The meeting was not preannounced, Steve entered the room unannounced while Flemming spoke to that other person that he had an appointment with (a person that “was worried about the influence of Islam on the West”). Steve “was somewhat fat, with ruddy face, medium long grey hair, and stubble… He was my age, perhaps a bit older, was barefoot and had hos shirt hanging outside the trousers. He introduced himself as Steve, and after a while I realized that his last name was Bannon and that he was the director of Breitbart News”, Flemming Rose wrote.

Bannon believed that Flemming Rose, the famous editor of Jyllandsposten, that now is a Senior Researcher at the Cato Institute, shared his view on Islam and could become a political ally, but he was wrong.

“It started as a friendly discussion but very soon developed into an occasionally heated exchange of opinions. Bannon obviously initially believed that I shared his ideas. When it became obvious for him that we had different views about how to deal with Islamic terror, we had a verbal clash. … Parts of what Bannon said was worrying, not the least now when we know that he has a key position in the White House. Bannon is angry, the subject of his anger is what he calls the ‘Globalized Elite’. He said that he views Trump as he beginning of a rebellion, that will increase gradually the coming years. He told me that he has travelled all over U.S.A and that his impression is that ordinary Americans view themselves as betrayed and that they are angry and frustrated. Not the least in the aftermath after the financial crisis 2008 and 2009. Capitalism has to be rescued from itself.”

“What baffled me the most, in our conversation, was that Bannon apparently believed that war can have a cleansing effect: that we need to tear down things from time to time to rebuild it from scratch. It seemed like he had lost his faith in Europe. Christianity has lost much of its power and as a result of that Europe has lost its will to contront the demands of Islam to get special treatment, and power [in Europe]. He meant that if Europe is to be saved, there is no way we can avoid an armed conflict. It cant be stopped by peaceful means. We are at war with Islam…”

Flemming Rose did not like what Bannon told him.

“I explained that I disagree and added that, as far as I can see it, we are in a warm war with violent Islamists and in a cold war with non violent Islamists, but not with Islam. It is a struggle between ideas, and it is crucial that believing Muslims fight on the side of secular democracy, I said. Bannon shook his head. He disagreed very much. After another verbal tirade and an emotionally loaded outburst from him, he looked at me, slightly embarrassed. Unlike him I had not been agitated that hour we met. And then he said: ‘Flemming, I hope we can make it with your methods, but  am not entirely sure about that,’

Translated from the Danish original. It was published in the Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter too.



The Antisemitic Origin of the Myth that Obama is a ”Muslim Mole”

9 February, 2017 - 19:09

There are many similarities between antisemitism and Islamophobia: One is that political leaders of the world often have been accused of being secret “Jews” or “Muslims.” The intent is to smear them by using antisemitic or Islamophobic slurs. Words like “Muslim” or “Jew” to many are nasty words that imply that the person is an “unpatriotic traitor” or “terrorist.”

Modern and historical antisemitism and Islamophobia is often based on the myth that there is a global conspiracy to conquer the world: antisemitic myths about a global Jewish or Zionist conspiracy like the Protocols of the elders of Zion and Islamophobic theories of a Muslim takeover of the west such as the Eurabia myth. Different national leaders that are seen as a threat to the racists are either branded as “Jews” or “Muslims” or as quisling collaborators of each.

Of course, to all decent and sane human beings there is nothing wrong in being a Jew or a Muslim. A political leader that is a Jew or a Muslim is no different from leaders that are, for example, Christian or Atheists. The only thing that matters is what is in your mind and in your heart, not what religion or ethnicity you have.

But racists are not decent. For them calling someone Jew or Muslim has a specific purpose: to slander a person (and the group of people you hate).
One typical example of this is how the current president of the USA, Donald Trump, has attempted to use the word “Muslim” as a slander against former President Barack Obama;  implying that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

The myth behind this Islamophobic slander is that Obama was not born in the USA. He has a “false birth certificate.” He was born in Kenya as a Muslim, it is claimed. He was therefore never a legitimate president. To top it all off he was a part of the conspiracy to make the Muslims conquer the USA. Obama was a security risk since “all know that Islam and terrorism are connected.”

Obama was supposedly brought into this country as a little baby, a kind of Muslim baby-agent and was later raised with the intent to destroy the USA and the west, according to this myth.

“He doesn’t have a birth certificate. He may have one, but there’s something on that, maybe religion, maybe it says he is a Muslim.”  ”I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t want that.” (Trump to Fox News 2011)

You can read more about this myth at Snopes or google it.

Trump did not invent this myth. He picked it up from the nether world of right-wing “fake-news” churners: Pamela GellerAlex Jones or Breitbart. His security adviser Steve Bannon has for a long time spread the myth that Obama is a radical Islamic “mole” via Breitbart and in other venues.

If you search Breitbart you can see that Breitbart claims that “Obama is a Muslim” that wants to “eliminate the USA” and that the job of Obama was to “promote Islam.”

Search on Breitbart and read it for yourself.

“Roosevelt the Jew”

So where does this myth originate? In this case it is not so hard to find the origin. Trump and Bannon use the slogan “America First.” That reveals the origin of this myth: the pro-Nazi movement of the 1930s and 1940s.

This Islamophobic myth has an antisemitic origin.

America First was an antisemitic movement that had the aim to prevent USA from entering the war against nazi Germany. The movement promoted the idea that the USA should cooperate with the Nazis. The movement used anti-Jewish propaganda extensively and slandered Franklin Delanore Roosevelt in many ways. For them FDR was a traitor that worked with the British and the Jews. Many went so far as to say that FDR was a Jew. In order to slander him, much in the same way Obama was in his tenure.

The myth is still widespread among modern antisemites on the internet. But it is old. It was already in use during the beginning of the 1930’s by friends of Henry Ford. In 1939, a German professor, Dr. Johann von Leers, published an analysis of the ancestors of president Roosevelt and came to the conclusion that he was a Jew. His mother was called Sarah Delano and was said to have Jewish ancestors back in the 1600’s, according to this myth the family stayed Jewish “in secret” from that point on.

One “evidence” of his Jewish origin that was presented was that FDR married a cousin. According to standard myths about Muslims and Jews they often marry their cousins; FDR was a victim of this myth.

Another “evidence” was that Roosevelt allowed European Jews that fled the Nazis move to the USA. FDR is trying to make the USA “Jewish” by letting the refugees enter the country, the antisemites claimed. In a similar way Breitbart today spreads the lie that Obama was a “Muslim mole” because he allowed Syrian and Iraqi refugees to enter the USA; he was trying to “Islamify/Muslimify the USA.”

FDR himself knew exactly what was going on.

“We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American eagle in order to feather their own nests.” (FDR about America First.)

Antisemitic hatred against other presidents

Other U.S presidents have been victims of antisemitic slanders, as well as anti-Catholic slanders.

  • President Wilson  was president when World War I ended. According to antisemites he was a Jew and a part of the global Jewish conspiracy to take over the west.  The antisemites viewed the League of Nations, that he was in favour of, as a “Jewish conspiracy” and have connected myths about the Federal Reserve to this conspiracy. According to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Wilson had a Jewish great grandfather that was born in Poland. Besides that the KKK claimed that the second wife of Wilson was Jewish and that her father took the name Bolling when entering the USA. The antisemites claimed that the birth certificates of the relatives of Wilson had been falsified.
  • Presidenten Eisenhower was a victim of similar slanders. According to the myths he was of Swedish-Jewish origin and it was claimed that his father was called David Jacob. His birth certificate was of course falsified too, according to the legend. (For modern examples, look at  this, this and an article about the “Swedish Jew Eisenhower” here.)
  • Harry Truman was president when Israel was created was slandered by the antisemites for that. They claimed that he was a Jewish mole. Similar rumors are spread even today about Lincoln and Kennedy. But in the case of Kennedy it is claimed that his wife was a Jew and somehow involved in the assassinationKennedy was a victim of slanders about a global Catholic conspiracy. While he was alive he was describes as a Catholic mole. After his assassination some mythmakers claimed that the Pope killed Kennedy.

The argument here is not that there would have been anything wrong if they had been Jews. There was certainly nothing wrong in the fact that Kennedy was Catholic. And if Obama had been a Muslim that would have been OK too. 

What frightens me is how words like “Jew, “Muslim” and even “Catholic” through the years has been used to slander American presidents. What scares me is how racists are blaming all the evils in the world on groups of people, like Jews or Muslims.


For evidence of the hatred against Obama in the “alt-right” movement, do these searches on Google.

Obama + Monkey

Obama + Hitler

Obama + Muslim

Tea Party + Obama + Nazi

Tea Party + Obama + Monkey

Rohingya Suffer “Unspeakable Cruelty” Because Of “Muslim Faith”

8 February, 2017 - 20:56

By Garibaldi

The Rohingya suffered for decades under a brutal military regime in Myanmar, and now despite a “democratically” elected civilian government headed by so-called “human rights icon” Aung San Suu Kyi, the “slow-burning” genocide (as one Burmese scholar described it several years ago) has accelerated.

Since October, the Burmese military has been conducting a horrific “clearance operation” targeting the Rohingya that has displaced nearly 100,000. Reports and action alerts by rights groups, Rohingya activists and media organizations have been sounding the alarm to war crimes and crimes against humanity for years now. These calls while gaining some attention have failed to garner the requisite awareness in proportion to the magnitude of the issue; it often gets swept under the carpet.

The UN recently published the most damning and devastating report on the Myanmar military’s crimes against Rohingya that I have ever read. The response has been one of categorical dismay from many who were unaware of the Rohingya cause.

The flash report – released today by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) based on its interviews with people who fled Myanmar after attacks on a border post in early October, the ensuing counter military operations and a lockdown in north Maungdaw – documents mass gang-rape, killings, including of babies and young children, brutal beatings, disappearances and other serious human rights violations by the country’s security forces.

“The devastating cruelty to which these Rohingya children have been subjected is unbearable – what kind of hatred could make a man stab a baby crying out for his mother’s milk. And for the mother to witness this murder while she is being gang-raped by the very security forces who should be protecting her,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

“What kind of ‘clearance operation’ is this? What national security goals could possibly be served by this?”

Today, Reuters has another horrific exclusive report stating that the death toll has been under reported, according to them upwards of 1,000 Rohingya have been killed in the military onslaught.

In response, Pope Francis today made a powerful rebuke of the Myanmar government. The Pope has been a consistent voice opposing oppression. In 2015, he visited the Central African Republic and urged Christians to end religiously inspired hate attacks against Muslims who were in the last throes of being genocided from the country.

The Pope’s call is important as Myanmar not only persecutes the Rohingya but other minorities as well: the Kachin, Shan, Karen and Mon people among others.

Pope Francis made his comments during an unprepared section of his weekly address. He appeared to be referring to a UN rights office “flash report”, issued last week, detailing allegations of abuse, rape and murder of Rohingyas at the hands of the Burmese military.

The Rohingyas were “good people”, Pope Francis said. “They are not Christians, they are peaceful people, and they are our brothers and sisters.”

He then urged the 7,000 people present in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall to join him in prayer for all migrants who have been exploited and humiliated, and in particular for the Rohingyas who, he said, “are being chased from Myanmar and are fleeing from one place to another because no one wants them”.

Continue reading…

Steve Bannon Claims: “U.S. Jews are Behind the ‘Muslim invasion'”

8 February, 2017 - 13:55

Breitbart claims that they are “friends” of the Jews. In reality they are not. They often claim that “Jews control everything,” and talk about Jews as responsible for “multiculturalism” and the “Muslim invasion.”  Individual Jews like George Soros are smeared and demonized.

The myth that Jews are behind “multiculturalism” and the alleged “Muslim invasion” is one that Nazis and white supremacists have spread for decades. What is worrying is that Breitbart and its former head, Steve Bannon, agrees with this and Bannon is now the main adviser to President Donald Trump.

“The U.S Jews” are behind the “Muslim invasion,” Steve Bannon claimed 2007. This is an entrenched trope among White supremacists and many Islamophobes, as Garibaldi has pointed out in a previous Loonwatch article.

In Bannon’s version of this trope Jews are “enablers,” that albeit with the “best intentions” are paving the way for those that want to create “The Islamic States of America.” This was a view Bannon presented in a script for a film, that never was made.

“The Islamic States of America.” It would be comprised of interviews of people who, like Bannon, believe that the threat posed to the West is broader than Islamist extremist terrorists, embracing an array of Muslim advocacy groups. It describes as “enablers among us” – albeit with the “best intentions” — major media outlets, the CIA and FBI, civil liberties groups, “universities and the left” and the “American Jewish Community. It also describes “front groups and disingenuous Muslim Americans who preach reconciliation and dialogue in the open but, behind the scenes, advocate hatred and contempt for the West.” (Source)

Jews behind “Muslim invasion”

This concept of “enablers” is one that Bannon shares with the Nazis. It actually originates from Nazis and antisemites. The first time ever I heard these allegations was when visiting the USA in 1992. The now defuct Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto spread these lies.

I am from Sweden. Here the Nazis have published a book: “Hur Sverige blev Mångkulturellt” (How Sweden became multicultural). In it they claim that the Swedish Jews created multiculturalism and opened the door for Muslims to migrate to Sweden. In all countries they have published similar books and articles. The Danish Nazis claim that Danish Jews are behind the immigration of Muslims. In Great Britain they talk about the conspiracy of the British Jews to bring in Muslims, etc, etc.

The same with white supremacists and Nazis in the USA. On Stormfront angry Nazis discuss the “Jewish” enablers of the “Muslim invasion”. The antisemitic New Observer claim: Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US and Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion. The KKK Grand Wizard David Duke states the same, as do “Real Jew News“. And so on, and so forth.

The one person the Nazis and the antisemitic alt-Right hates more than any other Jew is the Hungarian-Jewish-American businessman George Soros. The antisemites claim that he funds the “Muslim invasion”, as well as the opposition against Donald Trump, and everything else that they don’t like.

It is troublesome that Breitbart propagates the same thing. Soros funds the “Muslim invasion” in the USA and Europe, illegal immigration, and opposition to Trump, according to it. A coincidence? Hardly!

As a matter of fact, spokespersons of Breitbart constantly downplays the threat of antisemitism. Milo Yiannopoulos, a Catholic with Jewish descent, downplays “white” antisemitism and even claims that antisemites are right(!). “Jews run the banks, Hollywood and Media” (3:15), he states.

It is equally troublesome that he claims that all nazis and antisemites on the internet just are spoiled kids that wants to provoke people. (7.00)

Many have described Steve Bannon as an antisemite. Many Jews are understandably concerned about Bannon and Breitbart.

If you open the comment section of Breitbart you find much antisemitism. Direct attacks on Jews and classical Jewish objects of hatred, like the Rothschild family. But the most striking thing is the hatred against George Soros and the insane number of comments by people that want to shoot, strangle or hang him. (The comments below are a few examples of it from one article about Soros.)

Jews have many reasons to be worried about Steve Bannon and Breitbart.

Click to view slideshow.

Read more here: The Jews Are Helping Muslims Take Over The West