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I Crown Ye "TEX"

I'm so very happy to inform everyone that I am going to honor a special member of this forum with the name "Tex."

As many of you may know "Tex" was the name I gave to former member(s) "exHT" who, because of his particular love of America and American culture, vastly appreciated being named after the state that best stereotypes American virtues:


For several years the Tex crown has remained vacant - much to our dismay - but recently we've gained a new member who shares some of the same... unusual...

Things you have been wrong about

This is kind of a permutation of MuslimSisters what'd ya learn today thread - I am recently under the impression it's kind of a good idea to recognize that you've changed your opinion on something for the better and believe something different... so what is something you have been wrong about?

I'd say I was wrong about marrying young... I thought it was not a good idea to marry before 27 but I was wrong.

Classic childrens fairytales and stories

I'm working on a little house project at the moment and need some help.

Childrens fairy tales and stories - see if you can add to the list:

stories by Hans Christian Anderson, Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and Aesop
Beauty and the Beast
1001 Arabian Knights
the Oz books (Wizard of Oz et al)
the Narnia series


Migrating for the Winter

Does it seem like this winter is a bit... meaner... than most? We're heading down to Mexico for the baptism tomorrow, frankly I can't wait for manageable weather but I was thinking about it today, the entire northern hemisphere appears to be getting buried in ice and is reaching unheard of low temperatures in some weather systems...

Now I've never put much stock in global warming, but I've DEFINITELY been wondering about it in light of that Day After Tomorrow movie... what do you guys think?

Radical Muslims lose game of Yahtzee, burn Soho

[b][size=18]Radical Muslims lose game of Yahtzee, burn Soho[/size][/b]
David Hamilton
Fractured Facts Tribune


[b]MANHATTAN, New York[/b] -- Governor Pataki has requested the National Guard take to the streets to control rioters after a radical muslim cleric declared "Jihad" on Milton Brothers after loosing a game of Yahtzee.

What would you Spam the Revival With?

How come the spammers here aren't geered toward products Muslims would be interested in?

Like if I were going to spam a Muslim Youth website I think it would be like "Prayer Rugs" "Free Nasheeds!!!" things of that nature.

Hey Mods after you delete Potedder's post could you take this post and turn it into it's own thread called "What would you Spam the Revival With??"

That way we can all discuss what products we might advertise...


What do you guys do when you are waiting? How many of you actually feel like you [i]must[/i] do something while you are waiting?

Im waiting for my wife to get here... shes moving to Boston with me. This is weird because i have at least 4 hours to kill and i dont want to do anything... so i want to do something but i dont want to do anything...

make sense? anybody ever get like that? ... whats up with that anyway...

what the hell am i talking about

Im not very good at waiting...