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Pakistan needs a kick up the #$%é

Poor boy.

Pakistan needs some serious cleansing. This is day in day out and the government is always in on it.

Luckily, this boy is young and has a red passport so there is a great chance he will be returned.

InshaAllah he is. May Allah give his family Sabar.

We should pledge money if it comes down to it.

I am in. So if there is a relative of this kids, please post here so we know who to come to if they are going to get the money together.

As for them who did this, may you rot in hell.

Question to all

A person steals from a Masjid's collection and is caught red handed (on camera to be precise).

Should this person be exposed to the community?

If you're from the GW area then you'll most likely know what/who I'm talking about.

Now I'm a pretty aggressive guy in RL. So I'm very proud of myself for treating this person badly. :badgrin:

I know about the covering another's sin. But this is pretty heinous crime and in Morocco they named a market after the punishment for this kind of crime. Juma-Ul-Finaa... Friday of death. Biggrin

My son

Aslm all,

Straight in... My son is not well. Please do Dua for him.

It is not life threatening- Alhumdulillah, never the less I am extremely worried and anxious.

May Allah reward you all,