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IslamExpo 2008 11-14th July

There's gonna be a cookery zone with live demos :O

List of exhibitors so far:

1. Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd, stand E70
2. Lawung Urban Wear, stand E80
3. Rahma, stand E107
4. Junaid Jamshed, stands E121, E123 and E127
5. Friends of Al-Aqsa, stands E138 and C33
6. The Football Association, stand F31
7. The Muslim Weekly, stand E59
8. Arab British Chamber of Commerce, C31
9. Al Buraq ABC International Bank plc, E60
10., E103
11. Mercy Trading Co Ltd, stand E113
12. Divine Collections F111
13. Flywell Travel Ltd D139
14. Al-Jumuah D100
15. Dellz Designs E133
16. Aab UK Limited D120
17. Fawara Ltd C19
18. Baz D51
19. The Dukkaan Ltd E100
20. Channel S E98

Say no to nightclub under tooting masjid.

There are plans for a nightclub to open up under Tooting Mosque (Tooting Islamic Centre)

This is an issue that not only affects Muslims, but everyone who comes to Tooting. We don't need a nightclub and we certainly don't want one, so please spare a thought for yourself and those concerned and sign the petition in the following link

It will take less than 1 minute!

Uplifting quotes thread

Asalaamu alaikum, I did a (small) search on the forum and couldn't find anything like this? If there is then delete this.

I thought I should start a thread where members can put up ayahs/ahadeeth which are uplifting. You could even post short stories or quotes that are not from the Quran/Hadeeth collections but as long as they are in context?

[color=blue]The Messenger of Allaah ( Sallallahu alayhi wasalaam ) said:

[i]"Allaah rejoices more over the repentance of His slave than any one of you who finds his camel after having lost it in a desolate land."

Mercy to the Worlds - London 22-23 March 2008 InshAllaah

[color=red][b]Sheikh Yasir Qadhi[/b]
[b]London:[/b] Sat 22nd - Sun 23rd Mar 2008
Find out all about the Prophet's life in Makkah before the Hijrah. A heart rendering academic study of the Seerah.

More Info:

Chronicles of shariah - Evolution of Fiqh. 15-16 March 2008

[color=red][size=18][b]Chronicles of the Shariah[/b][/size][/color]

Chronicles of the Shariah
Evolution of Fiqh[/b]
by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury
[b]Birmingham:[/b] Sat 15th - Sun 16th Mar 2008
A unique course on the history of the Shariah and evolution of fiqh. It looks into the past state of the Shariah in order to plan for the future. Learn all about the 4 Imaams and their schools.[/color]

How did the Shariah evolve into this complex system of principles and rulings? How do jurists of different madhabs find answers to those awe inspiring questions? A student of fiqh cannot hope to understand fiqh except with a proper understanding of how fiqh evolved and why it is in its present state and where it is going.

Eid Celebration - Regents Park Mosque, 22-23 December 2007

[color=indigo]Venue: London Central Mosque, 146 Park Road, NW8 7RG

Community Care Management **(CCM)***

*Proudly presents to you*

Eid Celebration in

London Central Mosque

[b]Sat & Sun 22nd 23rd Dec. [/b]

*( 3rd & 4th Day of Eid Ul Adha)*[/color]

[color=blue]A Day of Enjoyment & Relaxation for your Children & the whole family

Come and join us on the day of Eid Ul Adha for a festival full of enjoyment and entertainment.

Date:* Sat & Sun 22nd & 23rd Dec. 2007*

[b]. * 11.30am - 6.00pm *[/b]

[b]. Venue: *London** Central Mosque.*

146 Park Road, NW8 7RG[/b]

[color=red] [u][b]***Children's section***[/b][/u]

Bouncy Castle & Swings