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I have Hajj on my mind at the moment.

Why do we leave it so late? Why is everything else in the world more important to do hajj?

Why do people claim that they cant afford it, but can afford a house, new car, getting married, getting through uni etc

Why is getting married, going Uni, getting a job, having babies, getting children through Uni, getting them married all priotised before hajj?

Is Hajj any more or less of a Fard act then reading Salaah?

During Hajj, why are the largest group of elderly people the Pakistani's and the youngest the Indonesians?

Lastly, when do you see yourself doing Hajj?

p.s. Admin get some Haj articles up on the main site.


Whiter than Milk


I grew up hearing my gran reminding me to drink a lot or milk - cos apparently Milk keeps you white but tea makes you dark.

I've also grown up hearing people being celebrated for their beauty cos they were fairer than the average...

I've personally know countless people who only stipulate 'fair skin' when looking for a marriage partner for their children or for themselves.

Fair and lovely cream and so many other banned face bleaching cream are so readily available in the Middle East and in the Subcontinent.

The "Aryan" invaders (fair skinned group of people) conquered the Subcontinent around 1500 BC. They installed themselves as a dominant élite, and 'darker' people were were reduced to inferior status.



Has anyone been effected by it? I'm pretty sure the dire financial situation in the UK has directly or indirectly effected people's lives - you may be in employment, a recent graduate or looking for work. Or you may know someone that has had he/her life turned upside down because of it.

A family friend I know has been made redundant 4times in one year and he has a young family.

As a teacher, my salary has been capped for two years.

The recession led to my father and my father in law take early retirement.

My brother - a recent graduate cant find a graduate job.

And the recession has forced me and my husband to live like ex pats overseas.

Has the recession effected anyone else?


Is the grass greener on the other side?


I used to think that the UK had it all. Comfort, good standard of living, rights etc...thought I was pretty set here...I did wonder in the back of my mind, how nice it would be to teach second langauge kids in a foreign country...

Fortunately, a few months after getting married,our british qualifications presented us with the opportunity to live in Egypt for a year...I've been living in Egypt for the last 4 months now.

Interestingly enough, after living here for a while now, I'm torn...dunno if I prefer living here for the rest of my life or back in the UK.

Use this thread to discuss the pros and con's of living here vs living oversea...

Female Genital Mutilation


Forgive me if this topic has already been raised here.

This is not an issue that we may come across often in our day to day life, but I remember attending many lectures during my PGCE course regarding FGM because apparently its on the increase, particularly in the amongst people from the African culture...and its a procedure usually carried out during the ages of 7-11...which means that primary school teachers are more likely to report it and/or stop it from going ahead.

It's classified as child abuse.

Islamically, male circumcision is sunnah.

Muslim Burnout


Over the past year, I've suffered from the typical Muslim Burnout.

Just a year ago, it wasnt a big deal for me to teach 7 classes a week, and work and study at the same time..nor was it a biggie for me travel for hours during Ramadan just to do talk and then attend a lecture in Uni in the evening.

I'd work, study, go out with friends, spend time with family...and STILL have time to attend, lead classes, travel, write and the rest of it...

I was never 'too tired' and always 'had time'.

I have now started work as a full time teacher - I love it. But its physically and mentally draining. I'm also engaged to be married in a few months which means my spare time consists of family get togethers, shopping, make up trials etc

Does the Hijaab/Beard turn you into a tramp?


I was thinking a while back that it must have been about 3months since I had a hair cut and about 5years since I coloured it.

Intrestingly enough, before I was a hijaabi I'd cut my hair every 4weeks, coloured it regularly, made sure I changed my hairstyle on a daily basis. Brought new clothes on a weekly basis - kept up with the colours and styles of the season. Was very conscious about what I ate (in high school days, I only ate two meals a day).

I used to spend about 1-2hours in front on the mirror on a daily basis.

Anger Issues


Anger problems are quite common is people - ones age or gender makes little difference.

One teenage girl - whom I regarding as a little darling actully told me that she carries a hammer around with her in school as she gets angry when people tease her...once this hammer smashed the school windows.

Another child I know bashes his own big head on the wall when he doesnt get his own far as I'm concerned, he can bash his head till he bleeds, but No means No.

By nature I'm a pretty chilled out this behavior fascinates me.

Standard of Living


I bumped into an old school friend of mine in an Islamic programme last night. I dunno how we came onto this topic but we began to talk about standard of friends kinda well off. Lives in a massive 5 bedroom house, well decorated, family has about 4 flashy cars for a family of 5, goes on holiday every few months, wears designer clothes regularly....and she said to me, 'to live in a standard below my own would be unthinkable'.

I found that surprising, esp since I couldnt help but think. Its her dad who must be earning between 70-80k a year.


Three women collapse during sales

Three women collapsed and another injured her hand during the sales at branches of the fashion store Next.
Two of the women were taken to hospital suffering from suspected hypothermia after waiting for the store to open at Birmingham's Bullring.

A shop assistant had breathing problems at a store in Wednesbury, West Midlands, and a woman hurt her hand at Next in Fort Dunlop, Birmingham.

The stores, offering up to 50% discounts, opened as early as 0500 GMT.