Test Of Faith - Let's See Who You Really Are!

Read the following questions and choose the appropriate response. This will give you an idea of what kind of a Muslim you really are:

A rude scene comes on Telly while you’re sat with your family. Do you…

A - Rush for the remote, switch off the telly, whilst muttering under your breath “ASTAGFIRULLAH”, I can’t believe the amount of filth they show. This is what we get from living in a kufr society”
B - Become embarrassed and quickly change the channel.
C - You watch the Telly from the corner of your eye.

A very rude scene comes on Telly again, your family is not in the room with you. Do you…

A - Rush for the remote, switch off the telly, whilst muttering under your breath “ASTAGFIRULLAH”, I can’t believe the amount of filth they show…..”
B - You change the channel.
C - You’re unable to look away from the telly and have one eye on the TV and one on the door, ready to change the channel if anyone comes in the room!

A fit boy/girl that you know makes a pass at you.

A - Say how dare he/she, you grass them up to their parents!
B - Politely but firmly refuse, reminding them that this is against the teachings of Islam.
C - Tell them that that this was the moment you had always dreamed about and ask him/her what took them so long

Your mates telling you about his/her new undercover romance.

A - Angrily say how dare he/she, you grass them up to their parents, you tell your parents and you tell the Imaam at your mosque!
B -You remind them this is against the teachings of Islam, and urge them to finish their relationship.
C - Your fascinated by their story-you even take notes for your own romance. You tell your friend this story could be a blockbuster in an Indian movie!

You Are a girl/boy and your walking down the road and see a large group of boys/girls.

A - Walk up to the crowd and say they are intermixing and it is Haram.
B -You cross over the road early on, and cross back when you’ve passed the crowd.
C -You walk through the crowd slowly saying “Easy boys/girls” giving them all the eye.

Your friend invites you to a late night mixed party.

A - Go crazy and shout ASTAGFIRULLAH, you get on the phone to your friends, turn up at the party and gatecrash it and start preaching!
B - You tell them that you couldn’t possibly be present in such an anti-Islamic party and as a mate you tell him/her that they shouldn’t really be going either.
C - You’re the first to arrive and the last to leave.

You are a girl and your mum tells you that your clothes are too tight or revealing.

A - Say Thank God she told you, you change your clothes and burn the revealing outfit.
B - You put on a long cardigan/coat.
C - You put on a coat, which you take off as soon as you leave the house!

Your friends wants you to cover up for them whilst they go out to meet their boyfriend/girlfriend.

A - Shout 'ASTAGFIRULLAH how dare you', grass them up to their parents and even tell your Imaam at the mosque to speak to his/her parents!
B -You refuse to get involved.
C - You remind them that it is their turn to cover for your undercover romance.

Your friends are telling you a rude joke.

A - You give them a long lecture and tell them how disgusting they are.
B - You do your best not to smile or laugh, in case you encourage them.
C - You tell him/her that you already know this joke and tell them an even ruder one.

The summer temperature is unbearable. What do you wear?

A - Black scarf/black Niqab/thick black stockings and gloves and if you’re a boy you wear what you wear all year round.
B - Usual Hijaab but in a lighter colour or if you’re a boy summer clothes that fit Islamic dress code.
C - Sun cream and nothing else.

The Math

Wanna see what you got? Just have a look at your answers and use the following guide:

Mostly A’s

You seriously need to chill!

Islam is not meant to be as strict as you’re making it out to be. Remember that Islam is a religion of moderation and is better spread through kind words and actions than by a black-and-white, zero-tolerance approach. Your attitude will make people run away from Islam!

Mostly B’s

You’re a Moderate Muslim.
Wow! It seems like you’ve managed to strike the perfect balance. You know from ‘right and wrong’ and you don’t enforce your views on others or judge them. You use wisdom in your approach.
Mostly C’s

Shame On You!!!

If you have no shame then do as you wish, it does seem as if you’re doing as you wish. I suggest you go and read up on the modesty showed by our Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and the modest religious men and women in Islam. Modesty and shame is an important branch of Islam, if you’re lacking in modesty then your lacking in Islam too. You need to sort yourself out and purify your inner-self.

None Of The Above

If most of your answers don’t fit A, B or C then that means you’re not a radical or a shameless person but at the same time you’re not a guy/girl who fully follows and practices the teachings of Islam. You need to improve yourself and try to be like B.