Exam time HELP PLEASE!!!

Assalaamu'alaikoum, need a few tips and tops about being studying/exam time but with the added Muslim Factor.

stuff like "keep your intention clean" blah blah..any tips,links,vids!! please!!!!!!

edit: HADITH HELP PLEASE!! im looking for the hadith about using youth before old age, time before you become busy etc.. jazakAllah for any help!!

Sunnah of Allah by Shaykh Muhammad Yusri

Sunnah of Allah

- FREE PUBLIC EVENT - Saturday 30th April


BY Shaykh Muhammad Yusri – Egypt

What are these Sunnah of Allaah and how do we relate to them
The Intent, Planning and Actions of Allaah
Allaah is in Control and involved in the Affairs of the Creation

This is a FREE EVENT for Brothers & Sisters
Refreshments will be provided

Venue: London Muslim Center (LMC), 1st Floo, 46-92 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX

Nearest Tube: Whitechapel & Algate East Station
Nearest Bus: 205,25,254 & D3

Trying to Be a Man

Salam Alaykum, here's another rap that I've written. This one is slighlty different. It's about, say when you've had a fight with someone and there is a bit of animosity and each expects the other to make amends first. Well, that's what I'm dealing with today!

Let's just stop! It's not Doomsday
Not interested in making you pay
This is a battle that can't be won
It's gonna drag on for the the rest of eternity
But a breather is what can save my sanity
Rivalry's winning, ripping just like a hawk
Why don't we be strong and just learn to talk
You might look and think: "What's his game?"
I'll be honest and say this war is lame
So let's not go deeper and talk this over