Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 is now on Netflix

Dirilis: Ertugrul

For those of you that have seen the first two seasons of "Resurrection: Ertugrul" on Netflix and stopped there (instead of watching elsewhere), season 3 has now been added.

For those that haven't seen it, you sould seriously consider watching season 1.

This post is a bit behind the trends because most people went crazy on the show last year, but season 3 has only just now been made available on Netflix.

It follows the story of Ertugrul, the son of Suleyman Shah and Osman, the father of the Ottoman empire and covers an area of Muslim hstory that many people have not read too much about. It is a dramatisation, but unlike most Turkish television, it is not ashamed about muslim heritage and is proudly sharing its story.

Fetih 1453 - Turkish movie about the conquest of Istanbul/Constantinople


Fetih 1453 is a high budget turkish movie about the conquest of Constantinople/Istanbul.

It has surprisingly high production values and does a good job at portraying the history without taking too much of an artistic licence - It is shown as a hard slog instead of something jingoistic.

Some people have complained the the rulers of Constantinople are always shown as evil and conniving and this hasnt gone down well in greece.

Celebrate Eid The Halal Way!

Zahid Maqbool

We all wanna have fun on Eid but rather than getting up to no good or causing havoc in your hired Lambo on Wilmslow Road or Green Street, why not celebrate Eid the Halal way? I don’t mean just visiting your relatives or sitting in the Masjid but enjoying yourself having fun… but keeping it Halal.

Here’s some ideas for you to check out on Eid:

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The Deep Acquarium

Strictly Racist?

Strictly Come Dancing: BBC defends Anton Du Beke in race remark row

The BBC was forced to defend its decision not to drop Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke today after the dancer made a racist remark in rehearsals.

The corporation received scores of complaints after it emerged that Du Beke called his dancing partner, the actor Laila Rouass, a "Paki". Du Beke, who also fronts the BBC1 gameshow Hole in the Wall, apologised after his comments were published in the News of the World.

The BBC denied accusations of double standards given that it had axed Carol Thatcher from The One Show in similar circumstances earlier this year.

Anchorman Comes True

'Anchorman', possibly the funniest film about a San Diego newscaster EVER, has now (sort of) come true:

US news anchor Larry Mendte: a real-life Ron Burgundy?

...while Burgundy ended up wrestling bears in San Diego zoo, real-life US TV news anchor Larry Mendte has been sentenced to six months' house arrest after a long-running feud with his younger female colleague, Alycia Lane.

Mendte was said to be jealous that Lane's $780,000 salary was rather more than his. She allegedly told him during an on-set row that she was the "rising star" and he was on the way out.