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Islam has been around for centuries now and Muslims had the opportunity to rule the world with the Islamic way of life. It was during this period that Muslims spread the Quran education all over the world. For some years, Muslims were the torch bearers of literature, science and architect. It is during this rule that you can observe the greatest creations and achievements of Muslims.For more details please visit the site below:

Mosques, Imams & The Youth

The Revival has been asking Muslims across the UK about their views on Mosques and Imams…

Name: Muhammad Ayas
Age: 19
Location: Kettering

I think there’s a lot of guidance out there for us, but it’s a matter of someone leading by example.

Yeah, sure you have the Alims who have studied for all these years and are an example to the rest of us, but come on, how much do they really relate to us and the issues and problems we face in a western society?

We need role models who have achieved their best in this world without neglecting their Deen and who have been through the ups and downs of life - who can relate to us. Most of the Imams are from back home so they lead the Salaah and that’s about it


SAT, 16 MAY 2009
The Singapore Muslim community is generally homogeneous. Nearly all of them are from the “Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah” (Sunni) school of thought. A majority of them embrace the Shafi’e School of Law. Therefore, they share many things in common from the theological and jurisprudential perspectives. This has in many ways contributed to the unity of our local Muslim community in leading their Islamic life. This spirit of unity is further reinforced as the majority of Muslims share a common language and culture, as they are Malays.

Mosques are people

And if you want them to do something, the best way is to step up and take ownership yourself.

People are busy and if you think a better job can be done, step up to the plate and show people how instead of . It may be appreciated more than donating a quid or two whenever there is a collection too (not that the two activities are exclusive.)

10 Things Every Imam Should Do

First of all: What is an Imam and who should be an Imam?

  • An Imām is someone who leads the 5 daily prayers (Salaah) at the mosque.
  • Ideally he should be a fully-qualified Islamic scholar and a role model for his congregation.
  • He should have a fixed contract with clear aims and objective which can be reviewed regularly.
  • He should be on a good salary in order to be dedicated to his job as community leader.
  • The Imam is accountable to the public.

What Every Mosque Should Do

Are you fed up with your Mosque? Are you tired of the constant in- fighting? Are the women being sidelined? Is there even a place for women in your Mosque? Do you understand the Friday Khutbahs? Does your Imam cater for the needs of the community? Do you wish that your Mosque did more? Is your Mosque the centre point of your life?

The Revival has come up with some ideas of how to improve our mosques and passionately argues what every mosque should do.

1. Dawah/ Non Muslims

A regular course on dealing with and answering misconceptions against Islam.