5 Minutes Left To Live

Was just reading the artical, "RIP: Rest in peace or ripped into pieces?" from issue 10 and it reminded me a little of this poem that I wrote.

[b]5 Minutes Left To Live [/b]

You have 5 minutes left to live
Says the whisper, I wish was a lie
You were fatally wounded
And now its time for you to die......

I slowly turn my head up towards the sky
Keep asking one question, why god why?...
But God doesnt reply.

I lay still in the darkness
Never have I felt so hopeless
No matter how much I try
No one comes to the call of my cry

I feel alot weaker now,
Not long left to go,
My vision becomes a blur
And slowly my mind begins to stir

I watch as my whole life
Flashes before my eyes,
Highlighting all the good deeds and the bad
Just like that dream, the one i never had

I now become afraid,
Of what lies ahead,
Please God...... Don't send me to that place
That place that I dread

But the thought comes too late
And I await my fate
And Once again, i hear the whisper
It tells me, that im dead........

Adeel Akhtar