hajj/umrah- advise needed

salaam everyone,

has anyone been on hajj or umrah with ashton travels in ashton-u-lyne gt. manchester

am thinking of going with them what would you advise? r they any good.

plus moderators, u used to advertise them on the revival magazine what was the feedback that u got about them

yes we suppose to go with ashton travel but thet are big cheats thay took our money in advance and promiosed to take us for haj this year but untill last minutes babar the big idiot been telling us that we will be going but we could nt go this year and he did nt give our money back either this company is a big cheat never travel with them take my honest advice .these kind of ppl give islam and muslim bad names thay are liars.

I agree with Usman.

Stay away from them, someone should report them actually.

@Usman, threaten to call the police, they did that with us.