this forum to be destroyed

no blessing on this forum, i wish it will ruin like every other time...and yah admin i was involved on the last time when ur forum time think twice before deleting my post abour my twin brother wishes...

admin deleted your posts because both of you are mad gremlins or one of you or whatever.

You both or you are really weird and crazy.

"Purity is half of faith.......Prayer is the light...patience is illumination; and the Quran is an argument for or against you. Everyone starts his day and is a vendor of his soul, either freeing it or bringing about its ruin." Muslim

"Jihad Soldier" wrote:

I dnt no y Admin deleted ur post bout ur twin Mujahid but u need 2 calm down. First of all saying that u were involved in ruining the forum last time could land u in some LEgal trouble I think if Admin dnt show forgiveness and mercy, not that i would blame 4 not doing something bout u seeing as u try to destroy something he helps 2 look after and 2) If u really did ruin the forum last time (for all we no u could b just trying to seek attention) then destroying a forum that has provided so much islamic knowledge to people like me who definently would not have as much islamic knowledge if it werent for this site,
a site that answered everything the kaffirs had thrown at it with there questions and disses at muslims and islam,
a site that had helped sway the impressions people have of muslims such as Dave (Where he at? aint heard from him in a while),
something that by simply logging onto and adding ur opinions on certain matters of islam and the world today which probabley gained us swab seeign as we were and are talking bout Islam,
surely it would B a sin 2 try to destroy it, dnt u think?,
destroying something that brings swab on us = sin, i pretty sure.
So please bro learn 2 control ur anger and find other outlets for it that could be considered as swab or at least not haram, not stuff like this, and learn to live along with ur muslim bredrin in peace, fighting and arguing amongest the prophet's (swt) ummah is such a sin man so take it easy yeah, safe.
Take care y'all,

Allah Au Akbar!

Allah Hfis!

agree with what your saying bro but when it comes to muji its like talkin to a brick wall!!

"Jihad Soldier" wrote:
yeah i agree but still bro the Prophet Muhammed (swt) faced many "brick walls" in his time and he didnt give up, heck, he used to get stoned, but that didnt stop him trying to help people. As muslims we should aspire to be like him and follow his ways so wen faced with people like Mujahid we need persevere and help them even more, no matter how annoying they become.

lol errrrrrr ummmm its sis not bro!!!!!!!

If you ask me our gemini friends are both one and the same person.

As for if he was involved in the crashing of the forums... i doubt it.

No one in their right mind would pull an illegal stunt like that and then post on the same forum... unless he's tryn to big himself up.

Sorry but this cat aint convinced.

Mujhi your fake act makes me sick.

Back in BLACK

"Jihad Soldier" wrote:
lol sorry bout that angel, i humbly apologise.

lol its ok..

i agree with seraph but i think muji dont have the brains to crash the forums!