How to Perform Salat (namaz) (5 daily prayers to Allah swt)

Asallamualaikum Muslim and Non Muslim Brother and Sisters

Could some1 plz help me to read 4 rakat namaz in detail please.

Can the person who is going to tell me please explain what to say from the Intentions (start) to the Asalmualikum Wa rahmatullah (end) please explain to me every rukuh and what is the difference in the first rukuh to the 4th rukuh.

It can also be preferable the person can leave me a link or a usefull web site to visit where i can get good deatils from. please help me quick becuase either i am confuse as to how to read salah or i am reading my salah in a wrong way.

Can you also tell me the different namaz i need to pray at different times in full e.g. i wanna know which sunnat to read before which Fard and after and what is the name of each sunnat and wether if it compulsory or not and i also what to know the nafal to be read and the Witr namaz i would also like to know the dua which needs to be read in witr namaz at the third ruku (prefer if there is an audio link to this to gain learning and remmeberence).

i repeat once again i want the person to be in detail explaining to me each steps needed to be taken to read 4 rakat namaz and what is each position and recitation are called.

Thanks Peace!

Please help it will be great help to me and others.