What's the best thing about your culture?

gt to define culture first lol

1. food.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Silly question

Of course its the food


actually i like all cultures, my culture (my made up one) is a mix of all the different kind of cultures. its mostly about Islam though. my culture's values and norms are those that thingy goodness (thingy - expand or something..dnt remember whats the worD!!) the food is whatever's available, the keyword being "try everything"!! the clothes are the modest stuff. and the pretty stuff. from algeria, morrocco, vietnam, pakistan, bengladesh, english, etc..etc..etc...

wedding? wedding is just abt paaaarrrrrtaaaayyy and cake, umm..yummy scrummy cake. they'll be north african, cream cake and mauritian cake at my wedding so far. and maybe a little bit of asian cake..but they are just soooooo sweet.. *sad face*

entertainment? tradition? hm..

LANGUAGE! ooohh i love languages!! Arabic is on the top of the list, then anything and everything else. but learning languages isnt on top of my list though.. no time..gotta sacrifice some stuff. but ohhh languages (alive and used ones) are soo amazing mashaaAllah.


Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

I find it SO hard trying to define my culture, partially because i don't feel like i have one.

We'll eat all sorts of foods from a range of countries, and not just the ones from the Indo-Pak subcontinent during the week. But obviously the food at gatherings or weddings is more cultural in that sense 'cause they stick to the originals.

With clothes, it's not cultural at all. Faaaar from that even. On Eids, my clothes aren't cultural at all. None of the multicoloured bling and sparkly stuff. With weddings i'm sort of forced to wear Asian clothes by the bride's mother, so i guess that's a little cultural. But the weddings themselves are more 'Islamic' than 'cultural'.

Even with languages, i haven't stuck with my mother tongue, yet i've gone onto learning three other languages, so how far is language actually a part of culture?

I remember asking this to my dad over a year ago and he came out with 'Mendhi' and i just looked at him and thought huh? 

I really am confused. Help?