Nurturing Our Future | Shaykh Abdul Majid Iltaf | Sat 31st December @ 4pm | Shahjalal Masjid E12 6BT

As-Salaamu`Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh


Alhamdulillah, we are embarking on a journey through a series of programmes titled ‘The Cycle of Life’.
It will be based on the theme of life; dealing with the issues and common situations faced by Muslim youth, from childhood until marriage; as the cycle of life restarts after this very important junction in a person’s life.

This first event will deal with the responsibilities of parents living in 21st century Britain, and how children should behave towards their parents.

Nurturing Our Future
The outcomes of how we raise our children

Shaykh Abdul Majid Iltaf
(Al-Hidayah Academy, Crawley)

Saturday 31st December 2011
4pm after Maghrib

Shahjalal Mosque
722-726 Romford Road, Manor Park, London E12 6BT

Free Admission

Brothers Entrance: Romford Road
Sisters Entrance: Third Avenue

Listen on Azaan receiver channel 2 or frequency 454.40625 MHz

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