5 reasons why you should take up the Makka Twin Peaks Challenge!

5 reasons why you should take up the Makka Twin Peaks Challenge!

One: Ebrahim College have been running the challenge since 2006 – so we know how to look after you. And just because the climb is challenging, the travelling doesn’t have to be! Direct flights from London to Jeddah on British Airways, 4* accommodation and ground travel on modern air-conditioned coaches.

Two: We will teach you how to perform Umrah prior to departure and our scholars will guide you through your Umrah in Makka. You will also have access to the scholars for the entire duration of the trip

Three: You will convey your salaam to our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Madina and trace his footsteps by climbing Mount Noor and Mount Thawr in Makka.

Four: As you will be supporting Islamic education in the UK, you and your sponsors will earn the reward of Sadaqa Jariyah too Insha Allah

Five: It's FUN! You will meet, travel, stay and climb with like-minded people. Just visit the testimonials page of the website to read for yourself what previous twin peakers have said about the trip

Call: 020 7539 1576 or 020 7377 6677 Visit:
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WOW! I didnt know ebrahim college was on here aswell ;)...My bro goes there!!! Smile

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Another Londoner.

Went there once, abit too expensive though.

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