UK TOUR with WORLD RENOWNED: Shaykh Ibrahim Jibreen & Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri (KSA) !

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah,

The [B]Tayyibun Institute[/B] presents ...
[B]Shaykh al Qari Ibrahim Jibreen (KSA) & Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri (KSA) [/B]


[I]The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said to Abdullah ibn Masood (رضي الله عنه): “Recite for me the Qur’an.” He said: “O Messenger of Allaah! Should I recite to you and it was revealed to you?” He said: “Yes, for I like to hear it from others.” “I recited Surat an-Nisaa’ until I reached the ayah, [B]“How (will it be) then, when We bring from each nation a witness and We bring you (O Muhammad) as a witness against these people?”[/B] (An-Nisaa' 4:41). He then said: “Stop now.” I found that his eyes were tearful.” (Saheeh al Bukhari and Muslim)[/I]

- Nationwide UK Quraa' Tour 2013 with internationally renowned Qur'an reciters.
- The exclusive tour will begin from the 2nd of April to 22nd April 2013.
- Full details of Events, Seminars and Masajid visits will be released soon insha'allaah.
- All cities and requests welcome to book and host these visits.
- Please kindly inform all others so as to benefit also.

For Masajid, Islamic centres or event bookings/ hosting requests please email: [email][/email]

[I][B]"..... So when the Qur'an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy" [/B]
(al Qur'an, Surat al-A'raf, 7:204)[/I]

Wasalaamu Alaikum,

[b]Tayyibun Institute[/b]
[I]for the Teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah[/I]

[SIZE=18][B]Confirmed Guest[/B][/SIZE]

Alhamdulillaah the following is a brief profile of our eminent International renowned guest [B]Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri[/B] who has confirmed his attendance in person insha'allaah to the [B]Tayyibun Institute Annual Conference 2013 & the Nationwide UK Tour with Qur'an Recitors[/B]

- Profile of Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri (Riyadh, KSA) for any who may be unfamiliar:


[B]Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakri Shatri [/B]

Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri is a world renowned Saudi based Imam and Qur’an reciter known for his soothing oratory. Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri received his Ijaza in Qur’an from Shaykh Dr. Ayman Rochdi Suwaid. He is currently the Imam of Jami’ al Furqan Masjid, Jeddah.

Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri has participated in numerous Islamic conferences and events in many Muslim countries including Egypt, South Africa, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain as well as the Tayyibun Annual Conference in London 2011 and 2012 and shall be attending the forthcoming Tayyibun Annual Conference 2013 in London insha'allah.


[B]Ruqyah with Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri[/B]

Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri will be seeing patients to perform Ruqyah (treatment in accordance to the Qur'an and Sunnah) between 2nd to 22nd April 2013 in London, Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow for anyone who is clear they're suffering from Jinn Possesion (al-Mass), Black Magic (as-Sihr), Evil Eye (al-Ayn).

Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri is a world renowned Qur'an reciter and holds Ijazaat (licences) in performing Ruqyah from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. To receive treatment call or text: 07949713902 for an informal conversation or to make a potential booking insha'allah.

May Allaah azza wa jall protect and safeguard us all- Aameen.

[B][SIZE=18]Dawah North & Tayyibun Institute
Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri Northern Tour [/SIZE]
[I]3rd to 6th April 2013[/I]:[/B]

-Bradford -Halifax -Dewsbury -Oldham -Keighley -Nelson



[B]Tayyibun Institute 7th Annual Conference 2013
[SIZE=18]Diseases of the Heart & its Cures[/SIZE]
[I]Londom Muslim Centre (LMC), Saturday 13th April 2013[/I]:[/B]

-Free Entry: Registration required -Internationally renowned Scholars & 'Quraa
-Live Q&A -Inspirational lectures -Stalls -Charity fundraising


[B][FONT=Verdana]al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre
[SIZE=18]A Journey Through The Quran[/SIZE]
Shaykh Dr. Khalid ad-Douaij (Qassim, KSA) & Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri (Jeddah, KSA)
Tuesday 2nd April 2013 from 7pm[/FONT][/B]



[B]al Ansar Islamic Education Centre
[SIZE=18]Shaykh Dr. Khalid ad-Douaij (Qassim, KSA) &
Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri (Jeddah, KSA)[/SIZE]
Wednesday 10th April 2013 from 9.30pm:
- Special Syria Fundraising Appeal


[SIZE=18]Qur'anic Cure Seminar[/SIZE]
Shaykh Dr. Khalid ad-Douaij (Qassim, KSA) & Shaykh al Qari Abu Bakr Shatri (Jeddah, KSA)
Wednesday 17th April 2013[I][/B]
Aston University from 2- 4pm
DeMontford University from 5-7pm[/I][/COLOR][/FONT]


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