Why the World stood against French President's Blasphemous Remarks

The story begins with the reprint of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine's edition. The edition reprints the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and sets a fire worldwide. The Muslim countries and communities were not completely aware of what had happened in France after that. The last month’s edition of the Magzine provoked the Muslim community and hurt their sentiments but nobody cared.

To proceed further with the details of the time to time happening in France, I want to add some information of interest to my Muslim friends that they are likely to perform their hopefully. The Saudi Government is opening the Umrah step by step and increasing the number of pilgrims. It is hoped that the batch of December would be invited to perform Umrah from the other parts of the world too.

Knife Attack Just After Hebdo’s Reprint:

Coming back to France’s issue. The Charlie Hebdo reprinting caused the knife attack on the Hebdo’s staff. The attack was inspired by the Islamic Faith and the person who attacked Hebdo’s staff was motivated to kill the staffers of Charlie Hebdo because the magazine reprinted the Prophet’s Blasphemous cartoons. The guy who attacked came on Facebook live and told the people about his plans earlier. The French media portrayed this issue as Islamic terrorism and blamed the faith of Islam for this.
This issue has been covered with more issues in France because the country is facing a bad economic crisis because of the bad policies and also because of the novel COVID-19. To hide the real issues, the president gave the controversial statement to avoid the refugee's concern. There are a lot of things that happened later and you need to know them too.

Teacher Beheaded in France over Blasphemy:

Another unfortunate incident happened in France a week ago that a history professor has been killed by an 18-year-old Muslim boy and that case also links with blasphemy. A person of average age came up on social media that a professor named Mr. Party is showing blasphemous pictures to the students in a classroom and that lecture was about freedom of Speech. He convinced many people to tell the people that his daughter has been treated badly because she was Muslim and the school administration also didn’t cooperate with us going into this issue. The person gathered many people in his support on social media and eventually, one day after finishing Mr. Party’s class, an 18 years old boy shoot him and later beheaded him on the spot.

The act of terror is condemnable but not taking blasphemy seriously is also a serious concern.
Protests For Mr. Party’s Murder:

Protests against Mr. Party’s murder broke out in Paris and other cities just after a day or two and during the protest, the blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad PBUH have been showing to show that the people attended the procession believes in freedom of speech and there is nothing wrong in it. Not only this, the real problem lies somewhere else.

President Macron’s Controversial Statement:

After all this, The Muslim community in the world who was already provoked against the Blasphamous acts and state-supported Islamophobic rhetoric. The controversial statement on Islam by the French president Macron has set the fire to double. He stated over the Charlie Hebdo controversy that Islam is in crisis everywhere. He spoke against the Muslim refugees in the name of Muslim seperatits and also used Islamic terrorism many times in his speech. Now, this was the speech of the head of the state who is supposed to carry the citizens on one page. His xenophobia in Islamophobic remarks provoked the Muslim world to come against him.

The Turkish Preside Tayyeb Erdogan stated that the French President has mental health issues.
Paul Bogba Quits Frances Football international team:

After hearing the remarks of the French President, Paul has resigned from a professional French Football team. He is a professional football player and has been played for France many times in the past. He is a black Muslim added to the team and now he part his ways from the French National football team. A twitter trend #PaulBogba is running on social media today and people are giving him respect over his decision.

Worldly Boycott over French Products:

Just after a controversial statement by the French President, many big markets in the Arab world and other Muslim countries announced their boycott with the French products. People are showing their anger on social media and by boycotting the products of use made in France. Along with this, I have read a very interesting post by a Christian social media user. He says: I'm a Christian and I stand against Macron's Islamophobic remarks. Religion is a part of every culture and one can’t exclude it in the name of the so-called idea of ‘Secularism, which has no meaning in the real world.
Concluding a blog on the good will gesture that the Christian boy has given in solidarity with the Muslim community is a pleasant end of an argument.