5 Soothing Sunnah Things to do in Muslim Bedtime Routine

Amidst these difficult times of the prevailed Corona panic, the entire world is in sheer distress. The killer impacts of this harming virus has changed the human lives altogether with lots of challenges that were never faced before. The whole world is locked down. The global economy wheel is jammed and the people across the globe are restricted in homes to save themselves against the possible attack of this health harming disease.

This virus has restricted the human movement very badly. All the public and religious places are closed. The masses are strictly directed to stay in homes at long as the Corona illness persists. This killer Corona has forced the world to take strictest and unusual restrictive measures of long term closures and social distancing.
Like all the religious communities, the Coronavirus has also created a setback for the devoted Muslims who wanted to avail of the golden spiritual opportunity to land their feet on their most reverent religious sites of Makkah and Medinah. However, the Saudi Govt. also declares that right after the elimination of this threatening pandemic they would open the doors of Haram for World’s every piteous Muslim. So we advise you not to be saddened and plan a healthy spiritual Kaaba visitation amidst the soothing December winters through .

Painful Corona Impacts on Societal Life

Since the Corona outbreak in 2020, the whole world is in constant distress. The long term social restrictions have created a halo in people’s life. Many ones have lost their jobs and many of us are battling with other personal or health issues. The whole human life seems in an upside down situation. The quotidian routines are disturbed or even changed altogether.

Sleep Disorder- A Common Outcome of Corona Stress

This Corona virus has also created havoc in the mental wellbeing of the people. It is also being reported that for human health the Corona panic has become even more dangerous than the Corona illness itself.
Many among us are still distressed and the still going fears have caused many hidden problems like Sleep Apnea or sleep disorders in the masses.

5 Soothing Islamic Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

However, unlike others, a staunch Muslim never loses rope of Allah (SWT). It is because everything Good or Bad happens, is from his sole will. He (SWT) has clearly declared that after every difficulty, there is a soothing ease.
Saying this, I would share 5 Islamic tips to follow with strongest faith in Allah for a sound stress free sleep amidst the worldly affairs. You would surely feel your mind stress or burden free insha-Allah.

Make Wudu before going to Bed

It is highly advisable to make wudu just before going to bed. It is also a beautiful Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). And before getting into bed, dust your bed sheet three times while saying Bismillah
Recite three Sunnah sleep Surahs

While lying in the bed, hold your palms together, and recite 3 short surahs named Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falak, and An-Naas. Blow in your hands and wipe them over your entire body. It is the Sunnah Sleep habit of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
Recite Aayat ul Kursi ( Throne Verse)

It is also known as the Throne verse of the Holy Quran in English. It is the 255th verse of the second Surah Al-Baqarah. It is one of the best-known verses of Quran which is memorized and recited widely in the entire Islamic world with utmost reverence.

Do recite it while lying in bed at night for a sound sleep

Recite Surah Mulk

The Holy Prophet (SAW) used to recite the beautiful Quranic Surahs like Al-Mulk or Al-Sajdah. It is highly recommended to include these Surahs in your bedtime routine for a sound sleep.

Sleep on the Right Side

It is another Sunnah sleeping habit of the Holy Prophet (SAW). It is highly recommended to move on to your right side after doing all the above-mentioned Sunnah sleeping tips.