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Help, please? Confused. com, here! Best Dua'aa ever though!

The other day, I was sitting down, just staring at a wall boredly. It was quiet late in the night, and i had nothing to do, and to be honest, i really wasnt getting any sleep. Anyways. An idea sprung into my head, and i grinned. I ran into the bathroom and did wudsu, before pulling on my scarf, and sitting down. Now, I have a beautiful recording of Surah Ar Rahman (a surah about Allah) on my phone, so, i read the dua'a surath, and turned it the recording of Surah Ar Rahman on.


i HATE terrorsits
Woahhh Nywaiiz bak 2 da point:
Wat is it with Terrorstz?
I mean since 9/11 nothingzz been the same
Nd isnt it haraan 2 kill urself ?
so why do ppl think that if u kill urselff then u will go heaven?
nd the ppl who did 9/11 basically RUINED all muslimz livez
co be honest wen u see a white person looking at u
u can tell they r wonderin whether ur a Killer Muslim inih?
Jus weird nd selfish ppl that are agnorant nd dumb nd attention seekeres are suicidal bomberzz
Hav u seen the videoz sent 2 da goverment by "OSAMA BIN LADEN" ?

Sunni,Sufi nd Shiya

Ryt this is were i get confused :
in islam there are three main tribes
Sunni... Sufi And Shiya
so why are there three main DIFFERENT tribez??
i kno wat sufi's are they dance/.go in2 a trance at the name of allah
and i know wat Shiya's are they wack/harm themselves due to one of their ancestors
but i dont get wat sunni's are (even tho i am one myself)
My father always explains to me wat islam is and how it works but i get confused coz there are also otha names like:
nd so on and so forth .. so how does tis work ? i mean if we r muslimzz does it really matta if we belong in a certain group?
Completely lost here ... :?

Wat is it with freemasonz?

O...k i am well confuzed wen it all comez down 2 this
wat freemasonz actually DO!
i mean is it that they worship the devil or somefing?
nd apprantlyy the reason why ppl are sayin we r gonna die in 2012 is down 2 them ?
how ?
i mean wats rongg with listenin to songz if the person who is singin it is a freemason how doez that change US?????
i am officaly


wat i dont get is why most guyz are OBSESSED with sex,
wat i dont understand is why muslim TEENAGERZ are obsessed with havin a boyf/girlf
-Whhy dont they jus get married? like propa muslimzz-

i dont get why every person in the world has a need 2 be wanted nd why do muslims alwaiiiz hav buyf/girlf even if they know that it will probably destroy their fam with it ...its jus dumb all the excuses i hav heard are bullshit. the most common excuse i hav heard is "i jus wanted 2 be loved"
thats a bit confusin seeing as your family love u dont ya think?

i think that some ppl are jus thick.

i aint tellin u ppl that 15/16 ppl shuld get married they shuld jus get they're rishtha/nikah done then they can do wateva they want ... OVIOUSLY!