Victory or defeat: Is Israel Impune over its treatment of others?

First it was the infamous war and onslaught of Lebanon in 2006 not to mention the many previous wars Israel has had with its neighbours.

Then Gaza and now the embroiling dispute with Britain on the killing of the Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai supposedly carried out by Mossad and his crew.

The assassination emphasises that still Israel and the Palestinians are in a state of perpetual war. Israel has always been a state within a state its reputation dwindled by the treatment of Palestinians and disregard for mercy.

It may be something of miracle that Israel has survived since it's creation or maybe not as its greatest supporter has and always will be the mighty USA, it may throw a few words of discomfort to Israel’s leaders as seen during the war in Gaza of 2007-08 but anything more would be unwelcomed.

Why is then Israel and its leaders seemingly impune? They may feel they are not guilty of any crime, they have the right to "defend" their country which they have after continuously being bombarded by Hamas rockets for several years and finally it came to the point where Israel released her fury once and for all, taking revenge on innocents orit maybe the case that we should not accuse Israel or more-so the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) of war crimes or anything alike for fear of being anti-semitic for we are questioning the existence of the Israel.

The UN has started its own investigations of what took place during the Gaza war – the use of white phosphorous on the UN compound as well as the excessive force used on the population of Gaza. Israel replied by compensating the UN while the Palestinians remain in squalor camps no compensation has come their way nor do we expect any.

Also the Goldstone report is listed as one of the top three security challenges by Israel. The report refers to the highly critical UN report put forward by a top South African Judge and called on both Israel and Hamas to investigate what it found to be probable evidence that war crimes were committed during the Gaza war.

Israel responded by refusing any participation whatsoever into the allegations whereas with Hamas there has been no response.

The world, United Nations and the USA rightly acknowledge the inhumane treatment of Palestinians, the continuation of the building of illegal settlements as well as the West Bank wall that engulfs the Palestinians from getting out and having any kind of normality.

All of this is of course illegal but to no avail nothing as come of it, it has become the norm just as the daily bombs that rip through the streets of Baghdad killing innocent bystanders and civilians.

It does not take a lawyer to understand of what can be right or wrong. The United Nations attempted numerous times for Israel to accept its actions are not in line with international law but wades in the hand of America to veto any further action and of all the countries represented at the UN, most of them recede, preferring to keep a low profile leaving just a gesture of any dislike where any criticism from outside forces is vigorously shouted down.

Israel has done much great things since its creation it has built top of the art universities and institutions, made peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt both still bearing the scars of conflict, with eighty percent of Jordanians being of Palestinian descent, at the same time both states are also wary that any dispute or disagreement could open up healing wounds.

The truth is Israel can never be at peace with itself until it finds a solution to the longest conflict of our time, along with its long accomplice the USA and the key players in the Middle East as well needing to understand the importance of restraint until then Israel will always remain in impunity and divided between herself and the yet to be born Palestine.