Israel vents fury at Gaza aid ship

When entering Israel's borders it should read, "enter at your own risk". Whether by sea, land or air, todays actions by Israel clearly highlight the urgent need of action by the world and US on how Israel continues to defy internationa law.

Once again with more than ten people dead and dozens injured we witnessed that Israel is willing to use great force whatever the circumstances. This attack on a flotilla aid convoy was not just a provacation but a clear sign of violation of International law.

The whole story is yet to emerge into exactly what happened. The Flotilla which was bound for Gaza carrying tons of aid, was raided by Commandos from The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in the morning. Many of the activists on-board, it is known were not armed but were trying to protect themselves by using knives and poles. This lead to a huge confrontation and the result was many of the activists ending up dead.

World leaders have condemned what happened, with Turkey saying it has caused "irreversible consequences" and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas calling it a "massacre".

Most of those on board the flotillas were turks, but also compromised of other various nationalities including two Australian Journalists as well as many Europeans.

Only time will tell what price Israel will pay for this inhumane act. A full investigation is under way, both by the UN and EU, and what happened will need to be investigated fully. On the other hand the damage has been done, Turkey the only Muslim state to have strong relations with Israel until recently, will now strongly consider its role with Israel, with many of its citizens dead, it threatens to make what was already a public relations disaster for Isreal into a fully blown disaster.