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2nd blog Ever Written, lolz- anyone know about yawning?

Yawning is fascinating
Besides all those weird things that people say about how a million devils go in ur mouth or how the devil sucks out ur soul if you don't cover your mouth and other things like that...

I always wondered, Why do people yawn when they see other people yawn (including me)
Well its because Your body is subconsciously empathising with that other person's tiredness- how weird is that
you don't even know them, and you feel bad for them- so you yawn! lolz

And another thing, you don't just yawn to show that you're tired
It's your body's way of tryna make you wake up, like, refreshing you i guess ( although that doesn't work for me, i still feel sleepy even after i yawn)


Hey everyone
I'm new here so be nice, lolz
I read a copy of "the revival" magazine today and i really enjoyed it
I was wondering if anyone knew how to subscribe to it?
Is it published monthly or weekly?
Please message me the detes
Maybe it'll count as a good deed
lolz you may feel free to thank me, lolz i'm only joking- i shall be forever in your debt lolzzz x
tc all
ciao x[b][/b]