The Top Moroccan Foods to Try on this Christmas

Christmas foods in Morocco

Christmas foods in Morocco
Christmas Dinner

Morocco is a great holiday destination having the best Christmas activities for travelers to come to celebrate their special days. If you are intended to spend your , you are welcome to the land of wonders, charms and lots of fun. Morocco along with the heavenly beaches, the glamorous Atlas mountains, and the culturally rich cities, gives you great exposure to its foods.

Christmas foods in Morocco

There are a lot of traditional foods made in Morocco in different festivals. As Morocco is a country of delights and Charms, people there are fond of eating in the festivals. There are many famous dishes Morocco has to offer you.

Turkey, the special Dish of Morocco:

When I was in Rabat last Christmas, I have been invited by my friend to the Christmas dinner. The very special thing I found that they roasted Turkey on the very special occasion of Christmas. That was the Muslim family and celebrated Christmas with me, that was the actual reason to be the happiest person on earth. When I tasted the meat, you just can’t believe, it was so delicious. Yes, the Spice was there as Moroccans make their dishes rich with spices and they give time the dishes to be cooked. Turkey, along with the other dishes made my Christmas eve very special. What else Morocco offers you in Special Christmas?

Tha Lamb Tajine, Another very famous Dish

The Lamb Tajine is also a dish very famous in Morocco and made on the occasions which are special to the people belong to the land. But they welcome their guests with the very special dish Tajine and introduce them with their traditional spices. Yes, Tajine is a king of Dishes in Morocco. Locals make this dish adding a good amount of spices and it takes time to be cooked properly. Maybe it is delicious because it is made with love and care, takes time to be cooked. I’m very sure this dish can make your Christmas very special this holiday.

Other types of Tajines

Tajine which is the famous dish of Morocco is not of the single type. It is also made in Chicken, beef or mutton. The very special thing about all of these types that it takes almost equal time to be cooked well. All the types of Tajines offer you the mouthwatering taste you will not be able to forget. Tajine also includes the Vegetables which makes it more special in its taste. I recommend you, if you are in Morocco for almost 10 days, you should try the maximum dishes in Morocco because what I believe, dishes of the place represent the true picture of heritage and culture of the destination. There are many other dishes Morocco welcomes you with.


It is another slice of Christmas fills your tummy with a unique taste. In Morocco, B’stilla is called to be a famous dish on the occasion of Easter and Christmas too. I remember when I visited Morocco, the most famous of the dish there was B’stilla. When I visited a home-like restaurant in a place nearby Chefchouaen, I was hosted by B’stilla. And after that, I've mostly used this dish as my lunch and dinners. Even when I was in Marrakech, I was finding the dish which I found in the finest restaurant there.

Couscous is an all-time favorite

Couscous is an all-time favorite dish in Morocco, Especially when Ramadan and Christmas comes, it becomes more special. Couscous is a soup-like dish rich with vegetables, meat, and sausage, etc. It includes Moroccan spice which makes it more special. I will recommend you the soup in Marrakech’s any of the top-notch restaurant. I will not name because all the restaurants I found there were very savory and the best to opt for. So don’t miss to have a taste couscous provides you in Morocco.

Harira, Never Miss it

Harira is another traditional Moroccan food very special for the Christmas event. It is famous as an appetizer, taken before the meals. The taste, the recipe varies with respect to the locations in Morocco. For example, if you are having Harira in a local restaurant in Rabat, it would differ in taste with the one made in a local restaurant in Marrakech. This dish is also famous to be eaten to break the fast during Ramadan, why. Because it is full of energies and calories to fill you with. During the Christmas Holidays in Morocco, the weather in Morocco will be cold and you will definitely need something to warm you up.

And if, if you are not comfortable eating to the local and traditional dishes, or you get sick or already are, and forbidden by the doctors to have the local spices, you are recommended to take the western foods or the fast foods of the international brands like KFC, Burger kings Hardees or any other big-name available in Morocco. I wish you very good luck and Happy Christmas. God Bless you!